Introducing the Hyperion® Collection: The Ultimate Solution for a Versatile Gym

The Hyperion Series 1 build

Creating a home or commercial gym that maximizes space while offering versatile workout options is a common challenge. REP Fitness has revolutionized this concept with the introduction of the Hyperion ® collection, a line of pre-configured gym setups designed to offer unparalleled modularity, functionality, and space-saving features.

Inspired by the fitness community and perfected by the REP team, the Hyperion ® collection is set to redefine how we think about home gyms. 

Inspiration Behind the Hyperion ® Collection  

The Hyperion ® collection is a testament to community inspiration and collaboration. It all started with an anonymous lifter who, using REP equipment, crafted a unique gym setup in his home. When he shared his creation on social media, it quickly got a ton of attention from fellow fitness lovers.

REP Hyperion inspirationThe inspiration 

The demand for a pre-built, easily accessible version of his custom setup was clear, so REP put it all together in an easy-to-order package -- just a few clicks and you get the whole build. This collaborative spirit between the REP team and the lifting community has resulted in a series of gym setups that are as functional as they are innovative.

Introducing the Hyperion ® Series 1  

The Hyperion Series 1 build

The first build in the Hyperion ® collection, the Series 1, is a game-changer for anyone looking to create a full gym setup with minimal effort. This pre-configured setup embodies the core principles of the Hyperion ® collection: versatility, compactness, and customization.

Key Features of the Hyperion ® Series 1   

The Hyperion ® series 1 is built around the PR-5000 power rack, known for its durability and adaptability. Here’s what sets this setup apart: 

Compact Footprint: The entire setup measures 13.5' in width, 7.8' in height, and 4.8' in depth, making it ideal for home gyms where space is at a premium. The innovative design inverts the Rear Base Stabilizer 2.0 to save even more space, turning the regular power rack into a half rack.   

Multiple Cable Attachments: The series 1 includes two Athena™ side mount functional trainer attachments, each with 170lb stacks (upgradable to 220lbs) at a 2:1 ratio. These attachments are perfect for a wide range of functional training exercises. Additionally, the setup features a Lat Pulldown and Low Row attachment with a 200lb stack (upgradable to 300lbs) and a 1:1 ratio, ideal for strength-focused lifts. 

High-Quality Components: Both cable attachments boast high-quality pulleys and cables, integrated band pegs, and versatile attachment options. The lat pulldown attachment also comes with a tread plate, a matte black powder-coated lat pulldown bar, a straight bar, and two urethane D-handle attachments. 

Pull-Up Bars: Each side of the setup includes a 1.25-inch pull-up bar (so there are two pull-up bars in total), allowing for a variety of upper-body exercises.  

Storage Solutions: The Hyperion ® series 1 offers comprehensive storage options with the 5000 Series Weight Storage Horn Set, featuring three pairs of 6-inch weight horns and three pairs of 12-inch weight horns. It also includes a Dual Barbell Hanger for organized barbell storage and customizable shelving options for dumbbells, plates, and other gym essentials. 

The Hyperion Series 1 build

Customization Options:
You can personalize your Hyperion ® series 1 by selecting the color of your uprights and crossmembers and choosing from four types of J-cups: Lowered J-cups 2.0, Flat Sandwich J-cups 2.0, Round Sandwich 2.0, or Standard J-cups 2.0. The setup is available in two upright heights, 80 inches or 93 inches, to fit your space and needs perfectly.

Benefits of the Hyperion ® Series 1  

The Hyperion Series 1 build

The Hyperion® series 1 is designed to make setting up a home gym straightforward and efficient. Here are some standout benefits:  

Ease of Setup: The pre-configured nature of the Hyperion ® series 1 means you can have a fully functional gym with minimal effort. Simply choose your options and enjoy a hassle-free build. 

Space Efficiency: By incorporating multiple functionalities into a compact footprint, the Hyperion ® series 1 maximizes your available space. The inverted Rear Base Stabilizer and half rack design allow you to perform a wide range of exercises without compromising room. 

Versatility: With various cable attachments, pull-up bars, and storage solutions, the Hyperion ® series 1 caters to all your fitness needs. Whether you’re into functional training, strength training, or general fitness, this setup has you covered.

Community-Inspired Design: The Hyperion ® series 1 is a product of the REP Fitness community’s collective creativity and expertise. It reflects the real-world needs and preferences of lifters. We think that's pretty cool. 

What’s Included in the Hyperion ® Series 1  

The Hyperion Series 1 build

The Hyperion ® series 1 comes with everything you need:

Bottom Line

The Hyperion ® series 1 is more than just a gym setup; it’s a testament to the power of community-driven innovation and meticulous design. With its compact footprint, versatile functionality, and customizable options, the Hyperion ® series 1 offers an unparalleled fitness experience right in the comfort of your home.

Embrace the future of home gyms with the Hyperion ® collection and discover how easy it is to transform your workout space into a powerhouse of fitness possibilities.