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This showroom is like the ultimate gym that you can play with – and then bring home. REP’s Pennsylvania showroom in Carlisle invites you to come test our equipment before you buy anything (psst... including yet-to-be-released products!).

Get expert help in picking the perfect products for your fitness goals and then we'll load it up into your vehicle right then and there (when in stock). No need to wait for shipping and then worry about your new equipment getting hijacked by porch pirates outside your front door.

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How Local Pickup Works: Shop in store! No appointment needed, but booking an in-person meeting with one of our product experts is a great way to get all your questions answered: book now Explore, get your hands on and try out REP equipment, and get all your REP product questions answered in person. Place an order in-store with a product expert, and take your equipment home that day (when in stock)! Can't make it to the store, or need more time to decide? Order online and select "Local Pickup" at checkout!

How to ensure you have the best in-store experience: Come prepared with the dimensions of your current or desired home gym space, and take a look online through our products to know all the equipment you want to get your hands on and try out during your visit!

Decide on the priorities for your space: Do you want a garage gym that all the neighbors on the block are jealous of? Is getting the most bang for your budget the most important? Is making the most of a smaller space the challenge? Consider booking an in-person meeting with one of our product experts. While this is not required, it will give our team time to prepare for your visit and help you dive right into the fun stuff: trying out the equipment on display!

Bring an appropriate vehicle: For rack builds, we recommend a full-sized pickup truck or larger. For functional trainers, Ares™ attachment and power rack, and other large pieces, we recommend a truck and trailer. If you have questions on what vehicle you may need to safely accommodate your order, please reach out to our showroom teams or our Colorado-based customer support team. REP is not liable for any damages caused during the local pickup process or the transit from our location to your home. Our warehouse staff reserves the right to use their best judgement and discretion when loading your vehicle to ensure safety of your transit, your vehicle, and the equipment.

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Understand our payment options: Planning on buying during your visit?  We accept most debit cards, credit cards, PayPal and Affirm financing, and ApplePay. We are not able to accept cash or checks in our stores.

Save big with Local Pickup:
If you choose pickup instead of delivery, you save 10% on up to $2,500; 12.5% on $2,500-$7,500; and 15% for all purchases above $7,500. It’s easy to save hundreds or even thousands of dollars. REP equipment is sought-after all over the world, so it’s pretty cool to live within driving distance (even a few hours) of one of our workout equipment stores and to be able to know exactly what you’re getting before it’s a part of your home gym. Visiting in person also allows access to clearance sales and scratch-and-dent discounts only available in-store (while supplies last). Placing an online order ahead of time ensures inventory, but you can also call or email us to check if we have what you are looking for at our location. We can't wait to see you in the store!

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Showroom & Local Pick-UP discounts

Enjoy exclusive showrooms discounts when you shop in person. The showroom/local pick-up discount cannot be combined with discount codes from our online store. 


On purchases up to $2500


On purchases between $2500 and $7500


On purchases above $7500

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1700 Harrisburg Pike
Suite 200
Carlisle PA, 17015


Tuesday - Saturday: 9AM - 5PM


(717) 609-0809

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Monday - Friday: 10AM - 3PM
An appointment is required.
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Matt  specializes in creating strength and conditioning facilities that are designed to maximize use of space and effectively enhance athletic development in group settings. Matt's favorite piece of REP equipment is the Safety Squat Bar.



Audrey specializes in taking a consultative approach to customizing a gym space, whether home or commercial. Her favorite piece of equipment is the Open Trap Bar because of it’s unique design and functionality.



Mike specializes in outfitting functional fitness spaces that maximize equipment use while taking up the least amount of space possible. Mike's favorite piece of REP equipment is the Rig because of its versatility and functionality.

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