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Gym Bag
Gym Bag - Default Title
Gym Bag - Default Title
  • Angled view of black and white REP Gym Bag
  • Angled View of REP gym bag full of gym accessories such as shoes, hip circle bands, pull-up bands, ab mat, and more
  • REP Gym Bag - Charging a phone with the USB port feature
  • REP Gym Bag with the side pocket open
  • Top down view of the inside of the REP Gym Bag
  • Close up view of clip inside the side pocket of the Gym Bag
  • Close up of mesh pockets on the inside of the Gym Bag
  • View of different mesh compartments on the inside of the Gym Bag
  • View of the inside of the vented pocket on the end of the Gym Bag
  • REP Gym Bag showing shoes in the zipped shoe compartment on the side
  • Black shoulder strap with white REP logo on the pad, along with black carrying handles
  • View of the outside of the vented pocket on the Gym Bag





  • What is the total size of the bag?

    The bag is 21.6”(L)x12.6”(W)x12.6”(H) with a 55.4 liter capacity.

  • How many compartments does the bag have?

    The REP Gym Bag has many compartments. It features a water bottle holder, two open compartments, three internal zipper compartments (two of which are mesh), two non-zippered internal mesh compartments, and two end zipper compartments (one with a vent and the other with a USB port to attach a USB charger).

  • What material is the bag made from?

    This REP Gym Bag is made of 600D polyester with a 210D polyester lining. The type of polyester used for the bag is durable and tough – it's a common material for gym bags and outdoor gear. And 210D polyester lining is lightweight and water resistant, so even if your water bottle spills or your knee sleeves get a bit sweaty, your gym bag can handle it.

  • What kind of carrying straps does the bag have?

    The REP Gym Bag comes with two carrying handles and a longer, adjustable strap with a pad.

  • Does this bag have a compartment for my used gym clothing?

    Yes, it has an outer pocket with a vent. This is the recommended compartment for your recently used gym clothing, to keep the rest of your items nice and clean.

  • Does this gym bag have a warranty?

    Yes, there is a one-year warranty on REP Gym Bags.

  • What do you store in your gym bag?

    In your gym bag, you can pack a variety of essentials, including gym clothes, shoes, tumblers, and lightweight accessories like belts, wrist wraps, knee sleeves, jump ropes, pull-up bands, and rings. However, please avoid placing anything heavier than a lightweight cable attachment to ensure the bag's longevity and your comfort.

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