• Who is this rack best for?

    The PR-5000 Power Rack is the ideal choice for experienced strength lifters who desire a top-notch, long-lasting piece of equipment. Its heavy-duty design makes it ideal for both home and commercial gym use, and its versatility and customizability make it an excellent option.

    With the largest attachment ecosystem available, the PR-5000 Power Rack allows you to expand and customize your rack as needed. It is capable of accommodating a vast array of exercises, including squatting, bench pressing, and pull-ups. Additionally, it can be used with other attachments and strength equipment to further enhance its functionality.

  • How do I customize my PR-5000 Power Rack?

    If you would like to customize your PR-5000 Power Rack, check out our online Rack Builder. You can also add more attachments later on.  

  • How do REP’s racks compare to others on the market?

    Here's a look at how REP equipment compares with others on the market. Plus, here are some things to consider when comparing power racks.

  • What is the number one reason to consider REP’s racks versus another brand?

    Many attachments are available now and more are in development. A rack’s attachment ecosystem is one of the biggest reasons why you would choose one versus another. When you purchase a power rack, you’re buying into the company’s ability to come out with new attachments that add additional functionality over the life of your power rack. Our engineering team is hard at work developing new attachments every year, and we believe this is one of our biggest differentiators. 

  • What are the differences between the PR-5000 and the PR-4000 power racks?

    The PR-5000 has 2” hole spacing throughout with 1” pinholes. On the PR-5000, you can achieve 1” hole spacing on the entire rack with our Lowered J-Cups. The PR-4000 rack’s pinholes are 5/8”. It has 1” hole spacing throughout the bench zone and 2” elsewhere for a precise liftoff height.  

    The PR-4000 has an impressive attachment “ecosystem”, but the PR-5000 has more attachment compatibility than any other power rack.  

    The PR-5000 has laser-cut numbers on every hole which makes it easy to line up attachments. The PR-4000 has laser-cut numbers every five holes making it easy to line up attachments, including J-cups and safeties.  

    Both racks are made with precision manufacturing -- laser cutting, robotic welding, and robotic painting all under one roof -- ensures a consistent, high-quality product. 

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