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Dip Station
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Enhance your power rack with a simple-to-use, sturdy Dip Attachment. It’s durable with a capacity of 400lbs. The attachment is available for the PR-1000, PR-1050, PR-1100, PR-4000, and PR-5000 power racks. Make sure you select the correct attachment for your rack (either the 1000 Series attachment for the 1000 Series racks, or the 4000/5000 attachment for the 4000/5000 Series racks).  

The two types of dip attachments attach to the racks differently, but both are super easy and secure. For the 1000 Series, simply put both safeties on the same side of the rack, slide the attachment onto the top safety, and tighten it down with the knobs on the top. For the 4000/5000 Series, with a bolt-together design, it attaches like a J-cup into the rack holes and is anchored by a strong pin. The inside edge of the attachment is lined with plastic to protect your rack.  


  • 1000 Attachment Length
  • 1000 Attachment Width
  • 1000 Attachment Height
  • 4000/5000 Attachment Length
  • 4000/5000 Attachment Width
    27" Maximum
  • 4000/5000 Attachment Height
  • Weight Capacity


  • Is it normal for the Dip Attachment to wiggle a little during use?

    Yes. Since the dip attachment is designed for easy removal, some minor shaking is possible. The C-cup isn't super tight to the rack, which leaves a little play in the attachment. However, for the most part, this attachment is very solid and has little to no wobble since it fits snug.  

  • How do I install the Dip Attachment to my power rack?

    For the 1000 Series, simply slide it onto the safeties and tighten with the knobs on the top. You must have both safety bars positioned on the same side of the rack to affix the top of the attachment to. The bottom of the Dip Attachment is supported by the bottom safety. For the 4000/5000 Series, with a bolt-together design, it attaches like a J-cup and is secured by a sturdy pin.  

  • Is this attachment compatible with a non-REP Fitness power rack?

    Due to machining variables, we cannot guarantee compatibility with any racks other than REP’s PR-1000, PR-1050, PR-1100, PR-4000, and PR-5000 racks.