Competition Bumper Plate Sets (kg)
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Competition Bumper Plate Sets (kg)
Competition Bumper Plate Sets (kg) - 90kg Set
Competition Bumper Plate Sets (kg) - 110kg Set
Competition Bumper Plate Sets (kg) - 120kg Set
Competition Bumper Plate Sets (kg) - 140kg Set


Our competition bumper plates are the best bumper plates we offer. Ideal for anyone that is serious about Olympic lifting, or needs to be able to fit a lot of weight on the bar. More durable than our training plates when lifting heavy, and built to extremely strict tolerances. Order as a single pair of plates or as a set to complete your lifting needs!

Why REP Competition Plates? 

Advanced design. These plates have a patented design for the inner collar piece which increases durability. Many competitors' competition plates feature a single solid steel disc, and that design ends up failing at the point where the rubber and steel meet because all of the force is transferred there. Our extra inner steel ring, combined with a patented means of connecting to the rubber plate, results in better absorption and dispersal of force which means better durability. Raised lettering and raised rubber surface around the center disc to limit metal-on-metal contact.


  • Low Bounce 
  • Zinc Coated Steel Disc Insert 
  • Collar Opening: 50.5mm 
  • +/- 10 grams of claimed weight 
  • 450mm Diameter (IWF Standard) 
  • Shore Durometer Ratings: 92 ShA 
  • Follow international color standards (Red/25kg, Blue/20kg, Yellow/15kg, Green/10kg) 
  • 5 year warranty on all plates
  • Factory tested to 30,000+ drops

Plate Thickness: 

  • Green - 1 3/8" 
  • Yellow - 1.6" 
  • Blue - 2 1/8" 
  • Red - 2.6" 

Plate Sets:

  • 90 kg set: (2)Each 20-15-10 Plates 
  • 110 kg set: (2)Each 25-20-10 Plates 
  • 120 kg set:(2)Each 25-20-15 Plates 
  • 140 kg set: (2)Each 25-20-15-10 Plates