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Band Pegs 2.0
Band Pegs 2.0 - 4000
Band Pegs 2.0 - 4000
Band Pegs 2.0 - 5000




  • Are the Band Pegs 2.0 compatible with my non-REP rack?

    Due to machining variables, we cannot guarantee compatibility with non-REP products.

  • What are the differences between the original and the updated Band Pegs 2.0?

    Our original Band Pegs are T-shaped, chrome pegs that measure 12 inches long on the shaft and 4 inches on the head. The original pegs can be inserted into the rack along the entire length of the shaft. 

    The Band Pegs 2.0 measure 8.5” end to end and have a flat washer welded 3 3/8” from the bottom end, allowing 4.5” of usable space. They’re secured with a cotter pin to ensure minimal movement while in use. The new Band Pegs are compatible with all 4000 and 5000 Series power racks and are sold in pairs instead of a set of four, like the originals. 

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