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Band Pegs
Band Pegs - 4000
Band Pegs - 5000


Add versatility to your exercises and power rack with REP’s Band Pegs. These chrome-plated, solid-steel pegs are easy to install. Simply slide the peg into a hole in your upright, and it’s ready for use. Attach bands to the pegs for added resistance during your lifts. Integrate them with compound lifts, such as squats and deadlifts, to create a variable load, or use them for band work for warm-ups, mobility, and recovery.  

You can also use the pegs to organize bands, chains, and other gym accessories. Band Pegs are made super secure by their T-shaped design. One side of the “T” locks the peg into place; no pin needed. Band Pegs come in a set of four. They are compatible with the PR-4000, PR-5000, SR-4000, and Omni, and Apollo racks. They’re durable, yet lightweight, weighing just over 1lb each. The length and diameter varies depending on which series you select.  


  • 4000 Series Weight
  • 5000 Series Weight
  • 4000 Series Usable Length
  • 5000 Series Usable Length
  • 4000 Series Diameter
  • 5000 Series Diameter
  • Material
    Chrome Plated Steel


  • Are these Band Pegs compatible with my non-REP rack?

    Due to machining variables, we cannot guarantee compatibility with non-REP products.  

  • How are the band pegs designed?

    The band pegs were designed as a “T.” The T, on one side, keeps the band peg in place. The bands should be pulled up and down and therefore you do not need a pin to lock it in place. If lateral movement occurs, the bands aren’t straight.