How to Select Peak-Performance Gym Clothes

Lifter in REP gym clothes

Too hot, too thick, too tight, too boring. What you choose to wear in the gym can have a huge impact on your workout.  

Here are 6 things to consider when picking the perfect gym clothes:  

1. Style: Rock That Confidence 

Woman in gym clothes
Shown here: Hera Tights

When you look good, you feel good – and feeling good can be a powerful fuel for motivation. Confidence is the best pre-workout.   

So, select gym clothes that express your personal style in colors that you feel great in. Consider fashionable details, like flatlock hems, which create a stylish, raw edge look (check out the Women's Daily Driver Tri-Blend Tank).  

Plus, it’s exciting to get up and put on a new gym outfit that makes you look great. Stylish clothes can be motivating.   

Remember, it's not just about the reps; it's about feeling awesome, too.

2. Comfort: Fit Matters

REP Hera Tights
Shown here: navy Hera Tights,Daily Driver Tri-Blend Tank in gray

Say goodbye to the gym gear tug-of-war.

The fit of your fit matters. You don’t want to be tugging on your shorts or feel restricted by your shirts. Look for gym clothes built for performance and comfort – both in and out of the gym.

For a shirt, you may want to opt for an athletic cut (designed to be flattering and accentuate your arms and shoulders) or a relaxed fit for maximum comfort. A racer back on a tank can add flexibility. And shoulder-to-shoulder taped seams add even more comfort and durability.  

That being said, tighter clothing (like leggings) can stay out of the way and even help with circulation. But ultimately, it’s about what you feel comfortable in. Some people feel more comfortable in form-fitting clothes, whereas others feel better in a looser tee.  

If you are a bit touch-sensitive, also look for tag-free shirts. The itchy tag can be a distraction. Best to choose clothes with the care label printed right on the fabric.  

3. Material: Stay Cool, Stay Dry

REP Men's Peak Tri-Blend Crew

Shown here: REP Men's Peak Tri-Blend Crew in red

You wouldn’t want to sweat in a thick polyether outfit that absorbs moisture about as good as a trash bag. Look for material that is soft, breathable, and durable. Wicking is key – you want materials that pull the moisture away from your skin to help it dry out quickly. The right material can help you regulate your body temperature and help you remain dry and comfy.   

Often this is achieved via a smart blend of materials, like polyester, rayon, and ring-spun cotton.   

4. Functional: Designed by Lifters, for Lifters   

Girl exercising in REP gym clothes

Shown here: navy Hera Tights, Daily Driver Cropped Dual-Blend Tank in white

You wouldn’t get a tattoo from an artist who has never gotten a tattoos themselves (uh, at least you probably don’t want to), so why buy gym clothes designed by some random group of stagnant Chads sitting behind a desk? Look for gym clothes designed by real lifters for lifters – because they get it. They know what you want and need, because they live the gym life.  

Choose gym clothes that are functional for the task at hand (avoid wide-leg pants if you’re riding a bike or too-tight shirts if you’re trying to do overhead presses). Your clothes shouldn’t inhibit your full range of motion.   

Likewise, if you’re planning on doing squats, you don’t want to worry about your leggings being sheer when under strain. Squat-proof pants are a must-have in the gym.  

5. Layers: Flexibility at Its Finest

REP hoodie

Shown here: REP Unisex Zip Hoodie in heather stone and black

Here in Colorado (with the ever-changing weather), we’re all about layers – and that can be beneficial in the gym, too. Keep your hoodie and sweats on to warm up quicker, and lose the layers are you pick up the heat.

The Unisex Zip Hoodie was designed with an athletic fit with enough breathing room. These hoodies are mid-weight – warm enough to keep you comfortable without being too bulky. Raglan sleeves are less restrictive and allow for more freedom of movement. The unlined hood looks sleek, and self-locking YKK zippers stay in place, no matter how much you move. Plus, there are no tags, reinforced seams, and breathable material -- all essentials for a successful workout.  

6. Don't Forget the Deets: Accessorize

REP Mountain Cap
Shown here: REP's Mountain Cap

Accessories matter, too. Sometimes you don’t want to or don’t have time to do your hair before a sweat sesh, so throw a cap on top. But not just any hat. The Peak Cap is an unstructured “dad cap” made with peached twill fabric and out of 100% cotton. The Mountain Cap offers a more structured version, made with hard buckram (cotton). Bonus: These come in 10 different color combos.  

Ready to conquer the gym with style and strength? Your workout attire just got an upgrade. Time to slay your fitness goals, one rep at a time.