Gym Gift Guide for Dad

Man holding dog on a bench

There’s nothing wrong with a new tie, grilling utensils, or a bottle of aftershave. But if you want to move beyond the cliché gifts for your dad, give him (or your grandpa, uncle, cousin – whoever that special dude in your life is) something that will keep on giving (gains) for years to come: an upgrade to his home gym.

Now. Of course, a top-of-the-line $1,000-plus power rack would render even the dad jokes speechless. But if you’ve got a normal budget but an above-normal (fitness-loving) father, here are five fun gifts he will love – all under $200.

1. Grip Strength and Groceries  

Man picking up farmer's carry handles

Help Dad improve his grip, endurance, and overall strength with Farmer’s Walk Handles. Easily load these handles with weight plates – or load them with grocery bags after hitting the store, so he can carry in all the groceries in one trip. Ahh, so satisfying (and strengthening).

2. Dad Swag

REP Garage Gym Flag

He’s not a regular dad. He’s a cool dad. Get him some new gym swag that reflects that, like this gym flag. And/or some new clothes. Check out the full REP apparel line here -- but slow your scrolling at the Versa Shorts. These are perfect for both the toughest workout, as well as grabbing tacos after the toughest workout. They're shown here in cool gray.

Versa Shorts

3. Unlimited Massages

Man massaging his traps with a massage gun

Don’t get Dad a massage. Get him unlimited massages, whenever and wherever he wants them. The Rapidstrike Massage Gun features intuitive speed control that automatically adjusts based on how much pressure you apply. It comes with four massage heads that each hit differently. Plus, the gun only weighs 2.3lbs and is compact enough to bring anywhere in its own carrying case.

4. More Kettlebell

An adjustable kettlebell in the gym

Know what Dad needs? More kettlebell. Always more kettlebell. An Adjustable Kettlebell packs five weights in one compact frame, so Dad can get his gains without taking up valuable garage real estate. It’s quick and easy to adjust the weight – the fastest and most convenient adjustment on the market. Choose between three different sized kettlebells, depending on how jacked your dad is. (We know; your dad can beat up our dad...)

5. A Plyo Box (and more)

Adjustable plyo box

Dads love multi-purpose gear. Good bang for the buck. The Adjustable Plyo Box is three plyometric boxes in one. It takes just 30 seconds to switch the height between 16”, 20”, or 24”. After stepping and jumping galore, Dad could add one more use, too: This sleek, steel box would make a nifty end table for a cold one when sitting on the patio recovering and gazing at the lawn. And by cold one, we obviously mean cold glass of protein powder. A brotein shake. Fit dads, raise up your glasses!