Budget Home Gym Products Under $50

Girl working out with a ball

Putting together a home gym doesn’t have to be expensive. After you bite the bullet on those few bigger-ticket items (a power rack, barbell, bench, maybe a functional trainer/cable machine), the rest of your build can be surprisingly inexpensive.

No, really.

If you’re building on a budget, you can easily find all kinds of enhancements under $50 – so you can slowly grow your home gym. Even in this economy.

Likewise, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly gift for that gym bro or brosephine in your life, consider this your no-fail gift guide.

Prices are subject to fluctuate a little bit, but here’s a look at the dozens of gym products that won’t tear up your wallet while they tear up your muscles.  


Man using a cable machine in a gym

Most weight plates, dumbbells, kettlebells, and sandbags start under $50.  

  • Pull-Up Bands or Tube Resistance Bands enhance your warm-ups, stretching, resistance-training, and mobility.  
  • 1.25” Wood Gymnastic Rings help build your core and upper-body strength.   
  • An inexpensive and compact Ab Roller is a challenge for the full body, but especially your overall core strength.   
  • An Ab Support Mat follows the contours of your back to allow your spine and hips to pivot optimally to engage your core muscles. 
  • Add Circle Hip Bands to your workout to add lower-body resistance to lifts, as well as help you warm up and improve mobility.   
  • Change Plates or Fractional Plates allow you to take small jumps on your lifts, ideal for bench press progressions and more.  
  • Most weight plates start below $50 for a pair. Check out the smaller sizes of Iron Plates, Rubber-Coated Olympic Plates, Urethane-Coated Equalizer™ plates, Old School Iron Plates, Hi-Temp Bumper Plates, and Equalizer™ iron plates.    
  • Likewise, you can find small kettlebells for cheap, like the standard kettlebells (starting around $20). 
  • Many dumbbells also start under $50 for a pair. Peep the Hex Dumbbells, Rubber-Coated Dumbbells, Urethane Dumbbells, and Ergo Hex Dumbbells for options.     
  • Sandbags come in four different sizes and start under $50.   


An organized garage gym

An organized gym is a happy gym. Save time and space with these budget-friendly add-ons under $50.  

  • Add some order to your home gym with a pair of Plate Storage rack attachments.  
  • A set of four Accessory Hooks are great for storing bands, jump ropes, belts, wraps, and all of those loose ends in your gym.   
  • Finish your gym space (and protect your floors and equipment) with an inexpensive Rubber Equipment Mat.   


Girl jumping rope

Enhance your gym time with some inexpensive but useful accessories -- $50 and under.   

  • If you have a barbell, you need Spring Clips to hold your plates in place. If you have multiple barbells, it doesn’t hurt to have an extra pair so you can work out with a friend or set up a circuit.  
  • Protect yo neck with a Barbell Shoulder Pad
  • A Dip Belt adds difficulty to bodyweight exercises, like pull-ups, dips, and squats. 
  • Gym Chalk or Liquid Chalk help your grip when pulling heavy loads.  
  • An Exercise Mat has tons of uses, from bodyweight exercises to warm-ups to yoga. Any time you’re on the floor, you’ll appreciate this guy.   
  • Get in some cardio and get in those double-unders with a Speed Cable Jump Rope or Competition Speed Rope.


Man working on a cable machine

Once you have a cable machine, it’s really inexpensive to keep adding onto it. Nearly all attachments are under $50.  


  • An Ankle Cuff is ideal for lower-body exercises, like glute kick-backs and abduction/adduction moves.  
  • The Open Row attachment allows you to get a deeper range of motion on your rows.  
  • The Multi-Grip Curl Bar gives your different hand positions when doing upper-body movements. 
  • The Pro Series D Handle is incredibly versatile and valuable for unilateral exercises.   
  • Use the Sports Handle for cross-body movements, as well as to train for sports with swinging movements, like golf and baseball.     
  • The Triangle Row is a must-have for neutral-grip upper-body exercises.    
  • The Tricep Pressdown Bar isn't just for triceps; use it for a wide range of upper-body exercises. 
  • Challenge your arms with a Tricep Rope attachment.   
  • A cable attachment you can use in tons of ways is the 20” Straight Bar.


Improve your recovery with these tools, all under $50.  

Girl rolling out hip on a foam roller

  • Floss Bands improve your mobility, blood flow, and recovery.  
  • The 3-In-1 Foam Roller is three different rollers in one, each with a different width and firmness to target different parts of your body.  
  • The Peanut Roller’s shape can reach areas on your body other foam rollers can’t.  
  • The High-Density Foam Roller is extra firm so it won’t lose its shape and effectiveness, even after heavy use.   


Nearly all REP swag is inexpensive and under 50 bones. Take your pick between stickers, flags, banners, and tons of clothes.  

REP T-shirt

  • Rep REP with these dope stickers. You know you want to slap one on your water bottle.  
  • Bumper Plate Coasters are a fun, unique gift or home accessory for bros who also care about protecting their wooden furniture.   
  • Decorate your home gym with a wide range of flags and banners, like the REP Garage Gym Flag. Also under $50: the REP Colorado Flag, REP 2012 Flag, REP Kettlebell Flag, REP Deadlift Flag, “Lift, Laugh, Love” Flag, 99 Problems Flag, and “Let’s Get Physical” flag.  
  • REP makes an ever-evolving selection of budget-friendly shirts and hoodies, like the REP REP Long Sleeve Classic Tee. Also check out the REP Classic Black Tee, REP Long Sleeve Classic Tee, REP Performance Hoodie, Artist Series Tees and hoodies, Classic Colorado Tee, and REP Noise Tee.  
  • Keep hydrated and caffeinated with a new blender bottle or coffee mug.  
  • Don’t forget swag for the most important hype man in the hizzouse, your gym dog.    
  • Find other clothes in your budget, from joggers to socks.