Why is the REP x PÉPIN FAST Series the World's Best Adjustable Dumbbell?

Pepin Adjustable Dumbbell

“If money was no object, these may be the best adjustable dumbbells in the world.”  
- Garage Gym Reviews 

So why not remove that hurdle?  

Meet the REP x PÉPIN FAST Series Adjustable Dumbbell,
based on the product GGR said may be the “best adjustable dumbbells in the world” -- made even better and more accessible through teamwork.  

Because when likeminded, fitness-loving people work together, great things happen.  

REP is proud of our brilliant, in-house weightlifting engineers – but sometimes we run across other inventors doing awesome things for the fitness world, too.  

These are our people. We want to support them.  

That led to the Inventor Series: a line of products invented by small, outstanding inventors from around the world. We collaborate with the best of the best. And then work closely alongside them to optimize their ideas, using our resources and knowledge of the gym market. The goal: to simultaneously lift up other inventors, while making their amazing products more accessible to more people.  


Now, not only are these premier adjustable dumbbells still:  

  • Heavier and more compact than most adjustable dumbbells on the market (up to 125lbs at only 18.25” long) 
  • A fully metal construction -- both the dumbbells and their cradle (with UMHW liners to prevent steel-on-steel contact) 
  • Quick, easy, safe, and satisfying to change weight with just a press of a pop-pin 
  • Expandable so the dumbbells can grow with you  
  • Featuring high-end details, like a fully knurled, volcano-style handle; round heads that feel like regular dumbbells; functional side rails; protective liners; laser-etched markings; and more 

But by working closely with Pépin himself, these dumbbells now also have: 

  • A lower price so they’re more accessible. We did a lot of "invisible" work alongside Pépin to turn this originally handmade product into one that is manufacturable, to make it accessible to a wider audience -- without sacrificing quality.   
  • Free shipping in the USA 
  • An expandable cradle 
  • A lower starting weight (10lbs with 2.5lb jumps). This was achieved by incorporating high-strength aluminum in the headplates of the handle.  
  • Enhanced finishes and details. For example, the handle side rail coating was changed to Cerakote with a high-contrast laser-etching to better see the weight markings. 
  • The cradle is now expandable. 

Now you can see for yourself why the PÉPIN adjustable dumbbell won the Most Innovative Adjustable Dumbbell Award for GGR’s Fitness Most Wanted Awards – and why GGR’s founder himself keeps a pair in his own gym.  

What Makes the Best Adjustable Dumbbell? 

Pepin Adjustable Dumbbell

So, what makes the REP x PÉPIN FAST Series Adjustable Dumbbell the best adjustable dumbbell on the market? Here’s a closer look at some of the features.  

Heavier and more compact. 

Man using the best adjustable dumbbell

These premier adjustable dumbbells are heavier and more compact than most adjustable dumbbells on the market. An adjustable dumbbell that starts at 10lbs and can go up to 125lbs at only 18.25” long is pretty much unheard of.

All steel. No plastic.  

Pepin Adjustable Dumbbell

All steel, CNC-cut plates with a black powder coating allow the dumbbells to be incredibly compact, very accurate, and look and feel great. In addition, they’re extremely durable. Both the dumbbells and the cradle are constructed entirely of metal (with UMHW liners to prevent steel-on-steel contact) and have been extensively drop-tested from every angle. The steel cradle allows you to rerack the dumbbells without worrying about being overly gentle, as would be the case if the cradle were plastic.  

Easy to adjust the weight. No screwing around (pun intended).  

Man using the best adjustable dumbbell

It’s quick, easy, safe, and satisfying to change the weight in 10lb increments – with just the press of a pop-pin. Adjust weight inside or outside the cradles (ideal for drop sets). Or add the included 2.5lb micro-plates for smaller adjustments.  

Space saving.  

Adjustable dumbbell next to regular dumbbell

Adjustable dumbbells take up a small footprint in your gym, especially when compared with a standard set of 10-125lb dumbbells.


Best adjustable dumbbell cradle

The REPxPÉPIN dumbbells are offered in 85, 105, or 125lb pairs. The 85lb pair meets the needs of most lifters but is still upgradeable to the heavier options in the future. The cradle also expands, so no matter the weight, you never need to buy a new cradle; simply unscrew the end pieces and screw them back into the correct, pre-drilled holes.

High-end details.  

Pepin Adjustable Dumbbell

These dumbbells feature high-end details, like:

  • a fully knurled, volcano-style handle;  
  • functional side rails with comfortable, rounded outside edges;  
  • UMHW protective liners to prevent scratches from steel-on-steel contact; laser-etched weight markings (no cheap stickers!);  
  • pro-style round heads that look and feel like regular dumbbells, but still keep the dumbbells from rolling on the ground 
  • an aesthetic "REP x PÉPIN" nameplate on the cradle and REP mountain logo cutouts on the ends of the cradles.  

See for yourself why the PÉPIN adjustable dumbbell won the Most Innovative Adjustable Dumbbell Award for Garage Gym Reviews Fitness Most Wanted Awards – and why GGR’s founder himself keeps a pair in his own gym. 

Man using the best adjustable dumbbell

What’s the difference between REP x PÉPIN and the QuickDraw™ adjustable dumbbells? 

While there are some similarities – such as volcano-style, fully knurled, steel handles; micro jumps of 2.5lbs or 5lbs; extensive drop-testing; space-saving capabilities; quick and easy weight changes; the ability to expand weight over time; a max length of just over 18”; and a pro-style shape with a flat bottom to prevent rolling – there are many differences.

A QuickDraw Adjustable Dumbbell

A QuickDraw  adjustable dumbbell

A few of the main differences between the QuickDraw™ dumbbell and REP x PÉPIN include:  

The Weight Capacity

While both dumbbells have the same lowest weight (10lbs), the QuickDraw™ dumbbells go up to a 60lbs max. The REP x PÉPINs top out at 125lbs. The QuickDraw™ dumbbells come in the following sizes: 30lbs, 40lbs, 50lbs, and 60lbs. The REP x PÉPINs come as 85lb, 105lb, or 125lb pairs. 

The Materials

The QuickDraw™ dumbbells have steel switches and an almost-all steel construction accented by strong, nylon composite. The REP x PÉPINs are fully metal, including the cradles.  

The Mechanism to Change the Weight

The QuickDraw™ dumbbells use a Lock-N-Load switch; you can flip one switch at a time or multiple switches all at once for fast weight changes. The REP x PÉPINs use a magnetic pop-pin.  

The Design

The QuickDraw dumbbells were designed entirely by REP engineers, whereas REP x PÉPIN dumbbells were created as a partnership between REP and a Canadian inventor, as part of REP’s Inventor Series. The original concept of these dumbbells started with Pépin, and REP recognizes and honors his exceptional work in the fitness industry.  

Athlete performing curls with a pair of REP x PÉPIN FAST Series Adjustable Dumbbells.

Benefits of Adjustable Dumbbells  

If you're deliberating whether to add adjustable dumbbells to your home or commercial gym, it's time to bury the debate. Here are five (of many more) benefits of adjustable dumbbells.  


One pair of adjustable dumbbells takes the place of large sets of standard dumbbells. Depending on how high your adjustable dumbbells go, they could replace multiple rows and racks of dumbbells. So if you have limited space, adjustable is the way to go.  


No need to walk back to the rack and put your dumbbells away as you change weight throughout your workout. Adjustable dumbbells with quick-change mechanisms make it super quick, easy, and effortless to switch between weight sizes.   


While one pair of adjustable dumbbells is more expensive than one pair of standard dumbbells, it’s a ton less expensive than rows on rows of dumbbells (plus the necessary storage shelves to organize them).  


Adjustable dumbbells have a lower starting weight than a standard 45lb barbell, and they can offer smaller weight jumps (depending on which weight plates you have/if you have fractional plates for your bar). In addition, with the included micro-adjustment plates, you can jump your adjustable dumbbells by just 2.5lbs -- less than most regular dumbbell sets. This can allow you to dial in your resistance more precisely.   


Adjustable dumbbells open up a ton more exercise options than barbells. You can use them for unilateral work. And for many exercises, dumbbells have a larger range of motion than barbells.   

Athlete performing a bench press with a pair of REP x PÉPIN FAST Series Adjustable Dumbbells.

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