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Looking for a larger version? Check out the FT-5000 2.0 Functional Trainer.

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Arcadia™ - Functional Trainer Weight Stack Upgrade
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Functional Trainer

Arcadia™ - Functional Trainer - Default Title
Arcadia™ - Functional Trainer - Default Title
  • Arcadia™ Functional Trainer
  • Arcadia™ Functional Trainer
  • Arcadia™ Functional Trainer being used for pull-ups with the multi-grip bar
  • Arcadia™ Functional Trainer
  • Arcadia™ Functional Trainer
  • Arcadia™ Functional Trainer
  • Arcadia™ Functional Trainer
  • Arcadia™ Functional Trainer
  • Arcadia™ Functional Trainer
  • Arcadia™ Functional Trainer
  • Arcadia™ Functional Trainer





  • What is the difference between this and the FT-3000 2.0?

     Our FT-3000 2.0 has 21 adjustment holes, while the Arcadia™ has 32 adjustment holes for more adjustment variety and laser-cut numbers on the front of the upright (instead of the side). It also uses REP’s patent-pending trolleys; hot-rolled, steel weight stack plates that are shaped different;  10lb weight increases that feel like 5lbs (instead of 10lbs); and band pegs for easy compatibility with resistance bands to further increase resistance. Metallic black shrouds give this compact functional trainer a more premium look. The built-on multi-grip pull-up bar also resembles our 4000 and 5000 Series multi-grip pull-up bar’s grip options. You can also add peg boards to the Arcadia™ to store your cable attachments. With the upgraded dual weight stacks, the Arcadia™ has a higher load, too: 440lbs instead of 374lbs, and the Arcadia™ has a longer cable travel length, reaching 81” instead of 76.3”. The Arcadia™ functional trainer is REP's first functional trainer designed by our Colorado engineering team from the ground up. REP has seamlessly integrated distinct, high-end features to this compact functional trainer, such as the unique trolleys seen on our popular Ares™ and Athena™ attachments; 10lb increment weight stacks; and in-house-designed, knurled handles.

  • What is the cable travel length?

    The cable has a travel length of 81”, giving you plenty of travel for any exercise. 

  • What is the minimum and maximum weight I can select?

    The minimum usable weight on each side is 10lbs (feels like 5lbs) and the maximum is 170lbs (feels like 85lbs) on the base stack and 220lbs (feels like 110lbs) with the upgraded stack (without add-on weights). 

  • What is the maximum and minimum height of a lifter to be able to perform tricep pressdowns and bicep curls without any issues?

    Our tallest staff member, Grant (6’6”), was able to get a full range of motion for tricep pressdowns when he bent his knees slightly and a slight lean forward at his hip. We think anyone 6’2” and shorter should have no problem achieving the full range of motion – but if you need to, you can always do pressdowns on your knees. Our shortest staff member, Aimee (5’), can do bicep curls without an issue, too. But you can always stand on a box to increase the range of motion. 

  • Are Arcadia™ parts compatible with the FT-3000 2.0?

    No, Arcadia™ parts are not compatible with the FT-3000 2.0. 

  • What attachments come with the functional trainer?

    The Arcadia™ comes standard with two steel D-handles with nylon straps to connect to the cables. These handles are incredibly versatile and comfortable to use. The Arcadia™ is also compatible with all our other functional trainer attachments

  • What is the minimum and maximum trolley height?

    The minimum usable height on the Arcadia™ is 13” and the maximum is 68”. 

  • How will the Arcadia™ be shipped out? Will I need to be home to receive it?

    The Arcadia™ ships in a single crate. It must ship via freight and you are not required to be present at the time of delivery.

  • Can I invert the multi-grip bar to save space?

    Yes. If you invert the multi-grip bar the total height will be 78" instead of 80.8".

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