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New Adonis™ and Pegasus™ pre-order dates will be set as we sell out of each production batch. The first shipment to customers will be in mid to late June. We will work hard to beat dates, but most importantly we are working to ensure a high level of quality on every Adonis™ and Pegasus™.

Adonis + Rack

  • Plate Loaded
  • Selectorized
  • 4000 Series
  • 5000 Series
Seat Attachment
  • No
  • Yes
Side Setup
  • Left
  • Right
Pull-up Bar
  • 1.25" Standard
  • 2" Standard
  • Multi-Grip
  • Raw 1.25"
  • Crossmember
  • LPC
  • LPC
  • Compact LPC
  • Metallic Black
  • Red
  • Blue
  • White
  • Clear Coat
  • Matte Black
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Cable Tower with Rack Attachment

Adonis™ - Cable Tower with Rack Attachment - Default Title
  • Adonis™ Cable Tower connected to a clear coat PR-5000 rack
  • Front view of Adonis™ Cable Tower connected to a clear coat PR-5000 rack
  • Angled view of clear coat connecting pieces that connect the Adonis™ to the PR-5000 rack
  • Side view of the Adonis™ cable tower through the clear coat PR-500 rack
  • Close up of multi grip pull up bar connecting the Adonis™ and the rack
  • View of the 2 top connecting pieces between the Adonis™ and rack. 1 clear coat crossmember and 1 multi grip pull up bar.
  • Person using the Pegasus™ Attachment and ankle strap to do leg exercises using the Adonis™ low row.
  • 1 person doing pull-ups in a PR-5000 rack while another person is using the low row for leg exercises on the Adonis™ Cable Tower.
  • Man doing low rows using the Pegasus Attachment on the Adonis
  • Woman doing leg curls using low row cable and Pegasus Attachment on the Adonis
  • Man doing lat pulldowns using the Pegasus Attachment on the Adonis.





  • Can I connect this to PR-4000?

    Yes! Even though the Adonis™ has 5000 Series holes you can affix it to a 4000 Series rack. When you select the 4000 Series connection, we will send you hardware that allows you to connect your Adonis™ to your 4000 Series rack.

  • Can I connect this to my rack if I don’t have 41” crossmembers?

    Yes, the Adonis ™ can connect to all 4000 and 5000 series racks no matter which crossmember length you have.

  • What is the minimum and maximum trolley height I can use? 

    The trolley has a maximum usable height of 79” and a minimum usable height of 14”. For a higher attachment point, you can use the lat pulldown cable (88.8”), and for a lower attachment point users can use the low row cable (10.8”). 

  • What is the weight capacity of the Adonis™?

    Each cable has a max weight capacity of 450lbs for the lat pulldown and low row and trolley.

  • What is the cable travel of the Adonis™?

    The cable travel of the functional trainer trolley is 108”. The cable travel of the lat pulldown and low row is 54”.

  • What attachments are compatible with the Adonis™?

    The 1" upright holes allows the Adonis™ to work with 5000 Series attachments, such as the premier Pegasus™ attachment (seat and upright attachment) and Dip Station.

  •  How hard is the Adonis™ to assemble?

    The Adonis™ ships partially assembled. Assembly takes approximately two hours with two people. Two people will be needed, as the parts are large and heavy. The pulleys and cables do not come preassembled.

  • What is the difference between the Adonis™ cable tower and the FT-5000 2.0?

    The Adonis™ cable tower has a built-in lat pulldown and low row cable system that has a 1:1 ratio, as well as an adjustable trolley for unilateral functional trainer movements at a 2:1 ratio. This attachment can be used as a stand-alone piece, be built into a dual-sided functional trainer, or attached onto a power rack, rig, or Modular Storage System. Check out the blog for more ways they differ.

  • Why does the Adonis™ have a 1:1 ratio on some cables and a 2:1 ratio on other cables?

    A 1:1 ratio means 20lbs on the cable creates 20lbs of resistance. These are also called single-pulley machines. A 2:1 ratio means 20lbs feels like 10lbs. These are also called double-pulley machines. A 2:1 ratio is great for functional training, when you want a faster-traveling cable. Think: more explosive exercises, quicker movements. That’s why we use that for the functional trainer aspect of the Adonis™. The 1:1 ratio is better for slower, strength-focused exercises, like heavy lat pulldowns. The Adonis™ offers both options for ultimate versatility.

  • What is the weight capacity of each peg board on the Adonis™ cable tower?

    The weight capacity of each peg board on the Adonis™ cable tower is 150lbs.

  • Does this come with a pull-up bar?

    Yes, the Adonis™- with Rack Attachment comes with the pull-up bar of your choice, except it is not compatible with the Globe Front Mount Pull-Up Bar. 

  • What is the minimum and maximum weight I can use?

    The maximum usable weight on the cable system is 450lbs on both the plate-loaded and selectorized options, including the weight stack, weight plates distributed evenly, and band resistance. It feels like 450lbs for the lat pulldown and low row with a 1:1 ratio and feels like 225lbs through the trolley handle with a 2:1 ratio. The minimum usable weight for this machine is 10lbs for the trolley. The minimum usable weight for the lat pulldown and low row is 20lbs.

  • What is the maximum and minimum height of a lifter to be able to perform tricep pressdowns and bicep curls without any issues?

    The Adonis™ has undergone testing by REP staff members with heights ranging from 4'11" to 6'7", all of whom successfully performed tricep pressdowns and bicep curls with complete range of motion. For a breakdown on height recommendations, check out our blog. 

  • What is the difference between plate-loaded and selectorized?

    On plate-loaded equipment, you change the weight by adding plates onto weight horns. On selectorized equipment, you change the weight using a pin and weight stack.

  • What is included with the Adonis™ - Cable Tower with Rack Attachment?

    The Adonis™- Cable Tower with Rack Attachment includes:

    • • The Adonis™
    • • Two steel D-handles
    • • A knurled, hard-chrome lat pulldown bar
    • • A low row bar 
    • • One pair of 1.25lb micro-plates accented by a Grecian pattern (a nod to the mythology that inspired the equipment's name) and a pair of 2.5lb micro-plates for small weight jumps
    • • One pair of 4" pegs
    • • Two 41" crossmembers or a Logo Plate Crossmember + Rear Base Stabilizer to attach the Adonis™ to your rack  
    • • 1 pull-up bar of your choice (1.25", 2", raw, or multi-grip)
    • • Necessary hardware to connect to your existing 4000 or 5000 Series power rack
  • Is there a weight stack upgrade for the Adonis™ cable tower?

    No. The selectorized weight stack of the Adonis™ is non-upgradable. The weight stack combined with plate loaded headplate offers maximum additional weight loading without having increased height or losing cable travel by adding extra selectorized plates. 

  • Is it possible to place an Adonis™ cable tower on one side and an Athena™ on the other?

    We do not recommend this as the Adonis™ cable tower and Athena™ would not be directly aligned with one another. We recommend either a dual Adonis™ or dual Athena™ setup for those looking to create a larger cable crossover.

  • What is the warranty information?

    The Adonis™ cable tower, crossmembers, Rear Base Stabilizer 2.0, and logo plate crossmember welds and frames have a lifetime warranty. Pulleys, cables, and pop-pins have a one-year warranty. 

  • Can you use the Adonis™ as one or both sides of a 4-post or 6-post rack?

    No. The Adonis™ must be attached off to the side of a rack, attached off the back of a rack, or used as a stand-alone unit.

  • Do I need to bolt down the Adonis™ cable tower?

    No, it is not necessary to bolt the Adonis™ to the ground. While there is an option to bolt it down for extra stability through the base, the base alone provides sufficient support . When attached to a rack, the tower has lateral support through the crossmembers/Rear Base Stabilizer 2.0 and pull-up bar, eliminating the need for a base or bolting down. However, it is important to note that for a stand-alone or single-sided Adonis™ - with Storage configuration, the base is required.

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