Holiday Gifts For Every Budget

Gift Guide for every budget

Whether your budget is under $10 or under $100, we’ve got you. Consider us your holiday shopping spotter.  

Here are some ideas for that protein-guzzling loved one of yours.  

Under $15: Ab Roller 


An Ab Roller


It’s simple but effective. Your core is the core-erstone for all strength and movement, so solidify that sucker with one of the toughest pieces of equipment out there. Bonus: It’s super inexpensive and barely takes up any space. And it’s one of record-holding powerlifter Bama Burr’s favorite pieces of equipment. 

Under $20: Resistance Band with Handles 

Resistance Band with Handles

Resistance bands are versatile, lightweight, and can help with warming up, as well as building strength. They come in three levels of difficulty: light, medium, and heavy. Or the full set is just over $20. 

Under $30: Band Pegs 

A group of band pegs




These are an awesome addition to a 4000 or 5000 series power rack. Simply slide the pegs into one of the holes on the rack upright and you can use them for all kinds of things. Use them with bands to add resistance to compound lifts; use them to store and organize equipment, like chains and bands; and more.  





Under $40: Dip Belt 

A product shot of a dip belt

Use this to add weight and difficulty to your dips and pull-ups. You can also use this with a
belt squat attachment and pull sled. Or to pull your kids around on an actual sled in the snow like a sled dog. Really, the uses are as vast as your imagination.   

Under $50: Pro Series D Handle 

A Pro Series D Handle

Attach this versatile handle to a functional trainer or cable attachment for a wide range of exercises. Used it for single-arm exercises, like pulls, curls, pushdowns, flies, side raises, front raises, or presses. The D handle is best for unilateral upper body exercises. This attachment is one of pro bodybuilder Connor Kovac’s favorite attachments 


Under $60: Wood Plyo Box 

Woman doing dips on a plyo box

Add a small 3-in-1 Wood Plyo Box to the mix. This plyometrics box has three heights in one: 12”, 14” , and 16”. Just flip it for different sizes. It’s tough enough to handle box jumps, step-ups, box squats, dips, Bulgarian split squats, incline or decline push-ups – you name it. Plyo boxes come in different sizes; the larger ones are more expensive.  

Under $70: 16kg Kettlebell 


A black and yellow kettlebell

Kettlebells are some of the most versatile pieces of equipment out there, and you can get a variety of sizes for less than $70 – up to the 16kg (about 35lb) kettlebell size. Each iron-cast kettlebell is labeled with both kilos and pounds, and the handles are color-coded for easy identification. For some kettlebell inspiration, check out this story:
“The Keys to the Kettlebell.” You’ll see why everyone needs a kettlebell or two in their home gym.  


Under $80: Neutral Grip Lat Bar 

Neutral Grip Lat Bar for a cable machine

Add more options to a functional trainer or cable machine with the Pro Series Neutral Grip Lat Bar attachment. This high-quality, hard chrome attachment allows you to do back exercises with neutral grip (palms facing each other inward), which can be easier on the wrists, elbows, and joints for some people. Plus, it works your back muscles in a slightly different way than a standard lat pulldown bar.  

Under $90: Landmine Attachment 

A landmine attachment with a man working out on it

This small attachment packs big potential. Quickly attach it to a rack upright, slide a barbell into the sleeve, and use the bar in totally new ways. We’re talking landmine presses, landmine rows, Russian twists, single-arm bent-over rows, and more. This works with all REP power racks. Just make sure you select the correct version for the rack you have. 

Under $100: Pull Sled 

A pull sled outside near the snow

Sled pulls are incredibly beneficial for all kinds of training, but they can especially be strengthening for your knees. This sturdy, steel sled comes with a carabiner and dual loop steps you can attach in different ways. Check out “18 Reasons to Use a Sled in Your Workout,” if you need any convincing why this is an absolute baller holiday gift.    

Looking for more inexpensive gift ideas? Here’s a whole collection of gym equipment you can buy for $50 or less.  

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