It's All About Aesthetics -- But This Time We're Talking About Your Home Gym

Man sitting on a plyo box

It’s your gains cave. You can decorate it how you want to.

Beyond the obvious benefits of having a home gym (ahem, no equipment dripping with some random dude’s back sweat), another bonus is you can create whatever vibe you want. If you want to rock out to Disney music, crank up that Moana. If you want to string blinking party lights from wall to wall, no one’s going to stop you.

Build your ideal gym environment, while you’re building your own ideal body. Need some home gym inspo? Here’s where to start with designing an aesthetic home gym so you can always lift in style.


A blue home gym

Start by choosing the main color for your home gym. Basing this off the color of your power rack is a logical start. The PR-4000 and PR-5000 come in eight different colors: metallic black, matte black, red, blue, green, orange, white, or clear coat. The PR-1100 rack comes in four colors: metallic black, black, red, and blue.

Maybe you want a white rack with black accents, like a Stormtrooper. Or perhaps you want to just murder it out with black on black on black. Or maybe you want the full rainbow: a red rack, a green bench, blue battle ropes, and a full set of rainbow plates. Whatever mood you want to set starts with the color of your rack.


Lifter holding an animal-print plate

Turn your home gym into a force of nature with REP’s colorful Animal Print Plates. You’ve never seen bumper plates like this before: zebra, snake, giraffe, tiger, and leopard print. Mix and match different patterns, all of which fit on standard, 2” Olympic-style barbells. In addition to their unique design, these bumpers are extremely durable and high-quality, with a hooked steel insert.

The 10lb plates are made thicker than normal 10s to increase durability and reduce warping. Order Animal Print Bumpers in 10, 25, 35, 45, or 55lbs, or get the full set here.


A storage wall in a garage gym

REP offers a variety of wall- and rack-mounted storage options, but the most stylish is the Multi-Use Wall Storage rack, featuring laser-cut twin peaks inspired by the Rocky Mountains. This gorgeous seven-pronged storage hanger holds up to six barbells, or other equipment, like jump ropes, weight belts, chains, or mobility bands.


Woman doing curls near a colorful gym banner

Add some flava to your home gym with a banner (or multiple). REP offers 11 different banner designs – some are standard (like one that reads “REP Garage Gym”). Others are motivating: “No reason to be alive if you can’t do deadlift.” And a handful are pretty cheeky. Pick your favorite: “99 problems but a bench ain’t one,” “Lift, laugh, love,” or a totally ’80s “Let’s get physical” flag (that also features animal print – tying in those Animal Print Bumper Plates).


A pile of REP stickers

Whether you want to decorate your water bottle (yes, there’s a matching REP water bottle), your power rack, your shelving, or your walls, stickers are always fun, inexpensive, and an easy addition. Pick between 14 different types of stickers, from a Rosie the Riveter-style skeleton proclaiming “Get fit or die trying,” to a buff bear insisting on “the right to bear arms.”

Express your love for Colorado (REP’s home base) with a sticker of the famous demon horse “Blucifer,” or further match your animal plates with the artist series sticker “Stay shredded,” showing a skeleton riding a tiger. Some stickers are holographic, others are metallic. But they’re all affordable, starting at 99 cents. 


A green and black adjustable bench

When selecting your gym bench, go for an ultra-versatile adjustable bench, like the AB-4100. Customize this bench by choosing one of seven different colors. There’s the standard metallic black, matte black, or red. But there’s also white, a unique army green, and stunning purple color.

If you love the clear coat look, the AB-5000 Zero Gap Adjustable Bench and the AB-5200/AB-5200 2.0 adjustable weight benches also come with that sleek finish.


A black and red home gym

Put together a polished gym by adding these finishing touches:

  • 3x4’ Floor Mats come in four different colors, with varying amounts of fleck, depending on your preference. These are made from high-quality rubber to protect your floors and equipment. They don’t absorb moisture, so they won’t grow bacteria, even if you sweat all over them. 
  • Get something for your best lifting buddy: a “Gym Dog” collar for your biggest (four-legged) fan.