Should I Get a Flat Bench or Adjustable Bench for my Gym?

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A bench is one of the most important – and versatile – parts of a home or commercial gym. And while REP has an impressive selection of bench options, picking the perfect bench doesn’t have to be difficult.  

Whether to pick a flat bench or adjustable bench is one of the most common questions when building a gym. 

Here’s a quick look at the comparisons to help you decide whether you need a flat bench or adjustable bench.  

Flat Bench vs. Adjustable Bench  

A flat bench is what it sounds like: flat. You can lie down on it, step up on it, or sit on it, but the pad itself doesn’t move.

An adjustable bench offers various different angles, including a flat option. Exactly which angles, how many, and how you change the positioning varies by bench. You can typically adjust both the back pad and the seat pad.  

When deciding between a flat bench and an adjustable bench, here are a few questions to consider: 

  • Are you all about lifting heavy in exercises like bench press and chest press? If so, a flat bench might just be your go-to. 
  • But if you're looking to mix it up with exercises like shoulder press, incline chest press, or even incline bicep curls, then an adjustable bench could be your best bet. 

No matter what your interests and goals are, REP has you covered. We've got a range of both adjustable and flat benches, plus everything else your home gym might need. 

Compare Flat Benches for Your Gym

Man and dog with a flat bench

If you're leaning toward a flat bench, here's a closer look at the different flat bench options and how they compare: Flat Bench Comparison Guide

Which Adjustable Bench is Best for Your Home or Commercial Gym?

Lifting on an adjustable bench

If you want an adjustable bench for your gym, there are multiple great options. Here's what makes each one unique to help you pick the perfect adjustable bench for your needs: Comparing REP's Best Adjustable Benches

Note: The 5000 Series adjustable benches are the best of the best. If you want to level up your home or commercial gym with a 5000 Series adjustable bench, check out this quick comparison.

Ready to Compare Bench Colors and Prices?

Check out our adjustable and flat bench info below and let us know if you need a hand getting your order started! 

Adjustable bench guide

Adjustable Bench GuideAdjustable Bench Guide

Adjustable Bench Guide

Adjustable Bench GuideAdjustable Bench GuideAdjustable Bench Guide 

REP Flat Bench GuideREP Flat Bench Guide REP Flat Bench Guide