How to Choose an Equipment Package

A power rack, barbell, plates, and adjustable bench

Lifters know the hard path is often the best path. Good things don’t come easy, and all that.  

But easy can be good – if you’re building a home gym.  

REP offers nine different equipment packages (including upgrade options) that make it easy to equip a gym with a few clicks of the mouse. These packages were designed to build out your gym all in one go, with various pieces depending on your needs. There are packages for lifters on a budget, for powerlifters training for a comp, for functional fitness athletes, and for total newbies. Best of all, you save money on some of REP’s best-selling equipment, instead of buying each item individually.

Here’s a closer look at the various equipment packages and how they compare.  

Minimalist Package

For lifters looking to start a home gym with minimal space

Minimalist Package

This package makes it easy for anyone to start a home gym -- even if you have barely any space. The Minimalism Package is proof that you can get a good workout at home, no matter what. 

What makes it stand out? This is for anyone. All you need for this package is a little floor space for an exercise mat and adjustable bench (which stores upright and out of the way when not in use). No excuses.

Equipment included: AB-3100 adjustable bench; Exercise Mat; Wall of Ceiling Mount Pull-Up Bar; set of Adjustable Dumbbells in 20lbs or 52.5lbs; Adjustable Kettlebell in the size of your choice (8-16kg, 16-24kg, or 20-40kg); Ab Roller; set of Pull-Up Bands; and a Speed Cable Jump Rope. 

Power rack included? No.

Customization options: Pick a wall or ceiling mount pull-up bar and pick the color of your bench (metallic black, red, blue, matte black, army green, purple, or white). You get to pick the weight of your adjustable dumbbell and adjustable kettlebell, too.

Training program compatibility: No.

What distinguishes training program: N/A


Before the Barbell Package 

For new lifters looking for general strength and fitness with a program 

Power rack, weight plates, dumbbells, flat bench, kettlebell, spring clips, pull-up band, and barbell

Despite the name of this package, it does come with a barbell. But it’s designed for new lifters who aren’t sure where to start. It features equipment specially chosen for new lifters to help you get lifting with confidence and owning the bar.  

What makes it stand out? This package is more extensive than the $1,000 home gym packages and it includes all different types of weights (beyond iron plates): irons, bumpers, dumbbells, and a kettlebell. So you can get experience with all of it.  

This package is also more customizable than pre-made packages, so you can mix and match only what you want/need or get everything all at once.  

Equipment included: The package includes: one PR-1100 power rack; one X-Light Pull-Up Band; one 20kg Stainless Steel Gladiator Barbell or Deep Knurl Stainless Steel Power Bar EX; a 160lb Black Bumper Set; a pair of 2.5lb Iron Plates; a pair of 5lb Iron Plates; two pairs of Hex Dumbbells between 5-30lbs; one 16kg Kettlebell; a FB-3000 Flat Bench; and one set of Spring Clips. 

Power rack included? Yes. 

Customization options: This package makes it super easy to mix and match different equipment. Unlike other packages, you don’t automatically have to get everything listed, which is nice if you need different weights, already have certain pieces, or don’t want to use something.  

You can also choose your rack and bench color (metallic black, red, blue, or black). Pick which barbell you want. 

Training program compatibility: Yes, this was designed to go with the free, eight-week Before the Barbell program featuring Meg Squats of Strong Strong Friends.  

What distinguishes training program: Before the Barbell is a training intensive for beginners, people getting back to training after time off, people who lack confidence in their form and technique, people who want a structured program but aren’t sure what kind of training they want to do, or people who just feel overwhelmed with knowing how to move forward with their fitness. The package includes the link to access the course on its own Instagram page. 

A pull-up band, dumbbells, and a lat pull-down attachment

Other features: There’s also a Before the Barbell Package Upgrade for people who want to add more challenges to their training. The upgrade package is meant to enhance the basic package and includes a Lat and Low Row Attachment, one pair of 40lb Hex Dumbbells, and one light Pull-Up Band. 


Stronger By the Day Package 

General strength and fitness for more experienced lifters  

The different gym equipment in the Stronger by the Day package

Want to start that home gym life -- including programming? The Stronger by the Day package helps you build a home gym in collaboration with trainer Meg Squats (Megan Gallagher).  

What makes it stand out? This includes some of REP’s best-selling equipment to help you build and use a legit home gym, and it’s for lifters of all levels (not just beginners). 

Equipment included: Mix and match your choice of PR-1100 power rack, complete with a Multi-Grip Pull-Up Bar, plastic-lined J-cups, and extended safeties; the Lat Pulldown 1000 Series with a lat bar and a straight bar; a FB-3000 Flat Bench; your choice of a 20kg stainless-steel Gladiator Barbell or the Deep Knurl Stainless Steel Power Bar EX; a Black Bumper Plate Set of 160lbs; a pair of 5lb Iron Plates and a pair of 2.5lb Iron Plates; three pairs of Hex Dumbbells (10lbs, 25lbs, and 40lbs); one 16kg Kettlebell; two Pull-Up Bands (X-light and light); and one pair of Spring Clips. 

Power rack included? Yes.  

Customization options: Select the equipment from this package that you want or buy it all at once to save the most money. Customize the color on your power rack (metallic black, red, blue, or black) and flat bench (metallic black, red, blue, or matte black). And pick which barbell you want. 

Training program compatibility: Yes, the package includes access to the Stronger by the Day program. These workouts are all levels and created to make you the strongest lifter you can be. 

What distinguishes training program: This app is intuitive and adapts to your real-time performance to keep you progressing. You also get access to an in-gym and at-home (bodyweight) program.  

Other features: You can try the program for free for a week to see if you like it, and there are no long-term commitments required.  


Juggernaut AI Package 1 

For competitive or more experienced powerlifters who want to follow a program  

The JuggernautAI equipment package

This is another way to get your home gym started, including programming. This package is in collaboration with the well-respected JuggernautAI program.  

What makes it stand out? This equipment was selected by JuggernautAI to complement its programs. Juggernaut is known for powerlifting and powerbuilding (although you don't have to be a powerlifter to do it), so this package comes with a power bar that’s ideal for slower, strength-focused lifts.  

Equipment included: A 96” SR-4000 Squat Rack (with J-cups and a pull-up bar) with rear base weight horns; a Deep Knurl Stainless Steel Power Bar EX; an Iron Plate Set of 175lbs; a FB-3000 Flat Bench; a Pull-Up Band Set (XX-light to heavy); and one pair of Spring Clips. 

Power rack included? Yes, but not a full power rack. It comes with a squat rack.

Customization options: Choose the color of your bench from metallic black, red, blue, and matte black. 

Training program compatibility: Yes, this goes with the JuggernautAI program.  

What distinguishes training program: Juggernaut workouts are for all levels (including advanced lifters) and available for a monthly or annual fee. The app uses your information and feedback in smart algorithms to customize your program. 

Other features: JuggernautAI has four different packages that are all designed to go with its programming, but just feature different combinations of equipment. Each package gets progressively more upgraded. 

In addition to the JuggernautAI Package 1, there’s the:  

  • JuggernautAI Package 2, with a PR-1100 power rack instead of a squat rack; a 20kg Deep Knurl Stainless Steel Power Bar with medium-depth knurling and a center knurl; a heavier iron plate set (265lbs instead of 175lbs); the AB-3000 2.0 weight bench instead of a flat bench; and a 52.5lb adjustable dumbbell set. It also includes the pull-up band set and spring clips. And you can customize the color of the power rack, whereas you can’t choose the color for the squat rack.  
  • JuggernautAI Package 3, with a more upgraded power rack (the metallic black 80” or 93” PR-4000 with your choice of crossmembers, a Logo Plate Crossmember, Rear Base Stabilizer 2.0, a pull-up bar of your choice, and J-cups of your choice). This package also adds a Glute Ham Developer (GHD).  Package 3 also comes with the Deep Knurl Power Bar, the 265lb Iron Plate Set, the adjustable dumbbell set, Pull-Up Band Set, Spring Clips, and the AB-3000 2.0 adjustable bench in the color of your choice (metallic black, red, blue, white, or matte black).   
  • JuggernautAI Package 4, with the super high-end metallic black PR-5000 power rack (80” or 93”), complete with your choice of crossmembers, the Logo Plate Crossmember of your choice, a Rear Base Stabilizer 2.0, a pull-up bar of your choice, and J-cups of your choice. It adds a dumbbell rack in metallic black and a 5-50lb Urethane Dumbbell Set, instead of the adjustable dumbbell. It also includes the Deep Knurl Power Bar, 265lb Iron Plate Set, GHD, AB-3000 2.0 in the color of your choice, Pull-Up Band Set, and Spring Clips.  


BYO Home Gym Package With REP’s Best-Sellers 

For lifters who want to customize a basic home gym in one easy order  

What makes it stand out? Design a custom, basic home gym by picking exactly what you want from REP’s best-sellers. This is for people who already have a training program or who don’t want one.  

Equipment included: What you get will depend on what you choose, but you can choose a power rack, attachments, a barbell, and a set of bumpers. Add an AB-5000 adjustable bench and Spring Clips to finish the fit.  

Power rack included? Yes. 

Customization options: This package is all about customization. In addition to picking your equipment, you can choose the color of your adjustable bench: metallic black, red, blue, matte black, or clear coat. You can also select a color for the PR-1100: metallic black, red, blue, or matte black.  

Training program compatibility: No. 

What distinguishes training program: N/A  

Other features: N/A