How Does the BlackWing™ Bench Compare with Other REP Adjustable Benches?

The BlackWing bench

The BlackWing™ bench soars high as one of the finest, flat-incline-decline, adjustable benches out there. It’s a fusion of the best features of the best benches – with tons of angles, an improved ZeroGap® technology feature between the seat and back pad, a closed ladder adjustment system, vertical storage, and compatibility with the Leg Roller Attachment.  

But how exactly does it hold up against REP’s other high-end, adjustable bench? Here’s a closer look.  

BlackWing™ Bench vs. AB-5200 2.0 

The AB-5200 2.0

The AB-5200 2.0

The AB-5200 2.0 is another new bench on the block – a revamp of the toughest, most customizable bench with a decline option. Both the BlackWing™ bench and AB-5200 2.0 can be stored vertically, have a similar horizontal front handle, and have a closed ladder system for the back pad that adjusts up to 85 degrees.  

The big differences between the BlackWing™ bench and AB-5200 2.0 are: 

ZeroGap® Technology Feature: Although the AB-5200 2.0 has a smaller pad gap (1.4”) than most adjustable benches, it doesn’t have the ZeroGap® technology  feature like the BlackWing™ bench does. 

Adjustable or Fixed Post: With the AB-5200 2.0, you can choose an adjustable or fixed post. The fixed post makes it a flat-incline bench, and the adjustable post gives it an added decline option. This post selection is not an option for the BlackWing™ bench; it comes standard as a FID bench.  

Adjustment Angles: As a fixed post bench, the AB-5200 2.0 has 10 back pad angles (0, 20, 30, 37.5, 45, 52.5, 60, 67.5, 75, 85 degrees) and four seat pad options (0, 8, 20, 30 degrees). When you select the adjustable post to give the AB-5200 2.0 decline capabilities, you add three more back pad angles (-8, -6, -4), bringing the total of back pad angles to 13.    

 The BlackWing™ bench (without the Leg Roller Attachment) has 12 back pad options (-8, 0, 10, 20, 30, 37.5, 45, 52.5, 60, 67.5, 75, 85) and six seat pad angles (-10, 0, 8, 15, 30, 45). 

Seat Angle Adjustments: The AB-5200 2.0 has a closed ladder system to adjust the seat. However, the BlackWing™ bench uses a ladder-style pop-pin system for the seat.   

The BlackWing's ladder-style system

The BlackWing™ bench's ladder-style pop-pin system

Leg Roller Attachment: The BlackWing™ bench works with the Leg Roller Attachment to create additional decline options, but the AB-5200 2.0 is not compatible with that attachment. So, if you want to do decline exercises, you must pick the adjustable post, and the back pad only declines to -8 degrees – a much less aggressive angle than the BlackWing™ bench’s options with the Leg Roller Attachment.  

Customization: The AB-5202 2.0 is more customizable than any other bench. In addition to selecting the fixed or adjustable post, you can choose a standard or wide bench pad from the get-go. Further customize the AB-5202 2.0 by selecting a frame color, with the ability to choose a different accent color on the guide rails. You can only pick one color for the BlackWing™ bench.   

Commercial vs. Home Gyms: BlackWing™ bench is best for a home gym, because it has a small learning curve to use it. The removable leg attachment, ZeroGap® technology, and vertical storage aren't ideal for a busy gym with lifters of varying experience (and patience) levels. The AB-5200 2.0 with a fixed post is an equally robust, adjustable bench that's perfect for a commercial facility instead. It's easier to use and you can customize its color to match your gym.   

The AB-5200 2.0 in black and white

The AB-5200 2.0 in black and white

Ultimately, all of REP's premium benches are top-of-the-line with different highlights for each. The right bench for you depends on your personal needs and goals (OK, and your desires, too).