How Do I Choose the Best Commercial Rig?

Woman using a commercial rig

If you’re looking to add a rig to your commercial gym, we’ve made it easy. While our online Rig Builder allows you to customize the details of your next rig, we also offer a simplified, single-click solution featuring different, pre-configured rigs.   

Here’s a closer look at the pre-configured commercial rig options to help you pick the perfect one for your facility.  

All REP rigs are:  

  • 9’ tall 
  • 6’ deep  
  • Made with 3x3” 11-gauge steel 
  • Able to handle 1,000lbs  
  • Finished with laser cutting, robotic welding, and robotic painting all under one roof to ensure a consistent, high-quality product  

REP commercial rig

Step 1: Pick Your Series  

Like REP power racks, our rigs come in different styles, or series. Commercial rigs come in two series, which offer different hole spacing and therefore different attachment compatibility (although most attachments work on both series).  

The 5000 Series rigs have... 

  • 1” pinholes 
  • 2” between holes on all sides 
  • Laser-cut numbering on every hole to make it easy to arrange attachments 
  • Compatibility with most of the 5000 Series attachments (see below for more details)  

The 4000 Series rigs have... 

  • 5/8” pinholes 
  • 2” spacing on all sides, except 1” hole spacing within the bench zone to allow for a precise bench press height 
  • Laser-cut numbering every fifth hole 
  • Compatibility with most of the 4000 Series attachments (see below for more details)  

Step 2: Pick Your Length  

The difference between the three pre-configured rigs is their length. All options include everything you need to get started. Each level up is bigger.   

The levels are as follows:  

  • The Entry-Level Rig is 14’ long.  
  • The Intermediate Rig is 20’ long.  
  • The High-End Rig is 24’ long.  

The length that is right for your facility depends on the size of the available space, the number of clients you hope to serve on the rig at one time, your budget, and your personal preferences.  

Step 3: Add Attachments 

Commercial gym with attachments

Once you choose your configuration, you can choose to further customize your rig with additional attachments, if you want. These are not included with the pre-configured rigs, so you can add only what you want.  

Most of the rack attachments for the respective series work on the rigs, too. The only difference with the rigs is the height; for that, we offer specific rig pull-up/connector bars. Due to the height difference between racks and rigs, the rigs don’t work with cable-style attachments, such as the Ares™ attachment, Athena™ attachment, Lat Pulldown and Low Row, or Belt Squat. You also can’t use any of the safeties on the rigs. Instead, you can attach Spotter Arms.  

Some attachments for your rig include: