Flat Bench Comparison Guide

Author: Aimee Heckel Published: 5/31/2022

A high-quality weight bench is one of the first and most important pieces of equipment in a gym. Whether for bench pressing, step-ups, box squats, or split squats, there are tons of uses for a flat bench.

A flat bench is just what it sounds like: The single pad is flat and parallel to the floor, and that pad does not adjust into an incline or decline position. All flat benches are not the same. REP Fitness offers several types of flat benches, each designed to meet different needs. You’ll find benches with three legs or four; wide pads or standard; various weight capacities and storage options. Flat benches are also affordable, starting at just $149.99 and topping out at $239.99. 

Here’s a look at REP’s flat benches to help you pick the perfect one for your gym.

Note: All flat benches feature:

  • A grippy vinyl pad that’s slip-resistant, durable, and easy to clean
  • International Powerlifting Federation competition height
  • Precise manufacturing with state-of-the-art robotics

The Flat Benches

  • FB-3000: The Standard Flat Bench
  • FB-5000: The Competition Flat Bench
  • FB-5050: The Wide Competition Flat Bench
  • Note: The FB-4000 has been discontinued.

FB-3000: The Standard Flat Bench

The FB-3000 is a solid, 11-gauge steel bench suitable for both recreational and competitive lifters. For powerlifters, the bench was designed to meet the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) height standards, and its super grippy pad will hold you in position. It also features four legs, rather than three, which adds stability for other exercises like step-ups and split squats. FB-3000 is compatible with REP’s wall-mounted bench hanger, so you can store it up and out of the way to save space. It’s the lightest bench, at 40lbs, but it can handle a 700lbs load.

Shop the FB-3000 Starting at $149.99

FB-5000: Competition Flat Bench

Serious lifters will appreciate this hardcore bench, made with 11-gauge steel with a capacity of 1,000lbs. It features a tripod foot design, so the legs are out of the way when you’re benching. The 4” thicker pad made from heavy-duty vinyl will hold you in place, and it can be swapped out for a wider pad, if needed. Although this bench can handle a heavy load, it only weighs 62lbs and takes up 7.36SQFT of space, and the steel handle and wheels make it easy to maneuver. 

Shop the FB-5000 Starting at $209.99

FB-5050: Wide Competition Flat Bench

This is like the FB-5000 bench, but with a wider pad. The FB-5050's pad is two inches wider (14”) and 4” thick. It’s textured to lock you into position and firm, yet not rock hard. As with the FB-5000, this bench is crafted out of 11-gauge steel, rated for a half a ton, and has a three-legged base to allow plenty of foot space on the floor. It’s easy to move around, with wheels and a steel handle, and takes up 7.36SQFT total.

Shop the FB-5050 Starting at $239.99

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