• What is the diameter of the insert?

    All our bumper plates have a 2” Olympic-standard inner diameter and will fit 2” Olympic-sleeved barbells.

  • What material is the insert made of?

    The insert is zinc-plated steel.

  • Is the insert standard or hooked?

    Our animal print plates utilize a hooked insert for greater durability.

  • Will I need to worry about the pattern coming off?

    No, the animal pattern on these plates is due to the configuration of the mold during production and not applied after production.

  • Do REP Animal Print Bumper Plates have a warranty?

    Yes, the 10lb plates come with a 6-month warranty for both home and commercial use. The 25, 35, 45, and 55lb plates come with a 3-year warranty for home use and a 1-year warranty for commercial use.

    Please note though, that the warranty is void if the bumper plates are mixed with Hi-Temp style plates. Hi-Temps have a smaller diameter than regular plates, which means a bar loaded with a mix of REP's bumper plates and Hi-Temps will result in the bumper plates taking all of the load, causing them to degrade faster.

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