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Change Plates (KG)
Change Plates (KG) - 0.5kg Pair (White)
Change Plates (KG) - 1kg Pair (Green)
Change Plates (KG) - 1.5kg Pair (Yellow)
Change Plates (KG) - 2kg Pair (Blue)
Change Plates (KG) - 2.5kg Pair (Red)
Change Plates (KG) - 5kg Pair (White)
Change Plates (KG) - Full Set (Pair of Each)


Every fraction counts when chasing those PRs on your lifts, and the REP Change Plates allow you to make small jumps to inch toward that next one rep max. These plates are measured in kilograms and come in 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, and 5kg increments. Plates are color-coded in white (0.5 and 5kg increments, in different diameters), red (2.5kg), blue (2kg), yellow (1.5kg), and green (1kg) to make it quick and easy to identify the weight while lifting. These colors match IWF competition standards.

The Change Plates feature the raised words “REP Fitness” and their respective weight markings. The Change Plates have a metal insert that fits snugly on all standard, 2” barbells. They’re covered in a rubber coating that provides stability, durability, and minimizes noise and movement during use. Plates are sold in pairs or as a full set. Change Plates are incredibly accurate, with a 1% weight tolerance.