Brent 'The Professor' Fikowski: A CrossFit Leader

Brent Fikowski training

Brent Fikowski's journey into the world of CrossFit began as a way to complement his volleyball career back in 2012. Little did he know, it would mark the beginning of an inspiring journey that would inspire countless lives worldwide. 

Through over a decade of unwavering dedication, Brent has soared to the top of the top in CrossFit, earning a reputation as a leader in the sport. His story is one of relentless pursuit, resilience, and the relentless pursuit of greatness. 

The Climb to the Top  

Brent Fikowski competing in CrossFit

But the road to success was not without its challenges.  

After narrowly missing the mark to compete in the CrossFit Games for three consecutive years, his perseverance paid off in 2016. With a resounding victory at the West Regional – winning by 70 points -- Brent clinched his spot in the CrossFit Games, culminating in a remarkable rookie season where he stood proudly with a fourth-place finish.  

Despite numerous setbacks, Brent's tenacity never waned. 

The next few years, Brent continued to climb to the top, with podium finishes and awe-inspiring performances. In 2017, he secured the title of the Second Fittest on Earth, a testament to his indomitable spirit and resolve. 

Although 2018 saw him narrowly miss the podium by a single point, Brent remained undeterred, seizing victory at championships in Dubai and Asia in 2019. 

A Big Comeback  

Brent Fikowski competing in CrossFit

The year 2021 stands as a testament to Brent's determination. Overcoming great odds during the online Semifinals, he defied expectations to clinch a spot in the CrossFit Games. It was one of the biggest comebacks in CrossFit history.  

He finished third in the world.  

The 2022 CrossFit Game season didn’t end how Brent wanted it to, and after many off-season competition opportunities, Brent put his head down and went to work in the hopes of coming back better the next year. He was committed to growth and improvement. And it worked.  

In 2023, Brent earned a spot back at the top, taking 4th place at the CrossFit Games, narrowly missing out on the podium. 

Beyond Competitions  

Brent Fikowski waving

Brent's work goes far beyond CrossFit competitions. In 2017, he launched The Professor Project, a coaching platform that has created a global community of CrossFit enthusiasts. Additionally, the launch of the PFAA (the Professional Fitness Athletes’ Association) in 2020 underscores his commitment to fostering professional excellence across CrossFit competitions worldwide. 

Affectionately known as "The Professor," Brent's analytical approach and insatiable thirst for knowledge have endeared him to athletes and fans alike. He’s widely acknowledged as one of the more popular CrossFit athletes out there. His journey is a testament to the power of passion, perseverance, and the unyielding pursuit of your dreams. 

In every challenge, Brent Fikowski has found an opportunity for growth. And with each triumph, he inspires others to chase their own dreams, leaving a mark on the world of CrossFit and beyond.