Meet REP's Employee Athletes

Meet REP's Employee Athletes

We don’t just design and sell gym equipment. At REP, we use it too. And sometimes, more than just casually.  

The REP Fitness staff is made up of competitive lifters (bodybuilders, powerlifters, CrossFit athletes, Olympic weightlifters); highly educated, certified trainers and coaches; and competitive athletes in sports from football to soccer to ultimate Frisbee. We’re record-holders. Obstacle-course runners. You’ve probably seen us at local meets – or maybe on the world stage.  

We’re the real deal.  

Here’s a closer look at some of the ways we walk the walk – so you know when we design or recommend a bench or barbell, it’s from lifter to lifter. This is our life, not just a job. 

Here’s a look at some of our team:  

Hannah Hosey, in customer service, is an NPC bikini competitor who has competed four times, including at the Arnold Amateur. She also earned a bronze medal in the Junior Olympics in sailing and has worked as a personal trainer with a focus on middle-aged women and young adults with developmental disabilities.   

Bikini competitor at a bodybuilding show


Sam Pizer, director of engineering and product, and Britni Strates, E-commerce product manager, both competed in powerlifting and co-owned a powerlifting gym together. Britni is also a lifelong gymnast and was a competitive cheerleader, who was even in a “Bring It On” movie. She also has competed in cross-country and track; did triple jump in college; dabbled in CrossFit; and has been lifting weights since high school.  

Powerlifter doing deadlifts in a meet

Noah Tenenbaum, product analyst, has an MS in applied physiology and kinesiology and has worked in private sector, collegiate (University of Florida during some SEC Championships between sports and the build-up to the NCAA 2016 Outdoor Championship), professional (Cincinnati Reds, St. Louis Cardinals, Miami Dolphins), and tactical strength and conditioning (134th Fighter Squadron) -- as well as working with Olympians (boxing, swimming, track and field). Noah is also a certified strength and conditioning coach with the NSCA.  

Ty McGee, customer support rep, is a competitive Slamball player. He was named the 2023 Slamball Offensive Player of the Year and was on the Slamball 2023 Series Six first team (selected as one of the top four Slamball players). He also played four years of division 2 basketball, has three times All-Conference Honors in the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference, and was the RMAC champion. He played football, basketball, and track and field in high school, too.

Slamball competitior


Joe Koenecke, retail showroom manager, holds the junior Wisconsin state deadlift record in powerlifting. He has a bachelor’s in exercise science and is completing his master’s degree in kinesiology.  

Powerlifter doing a heavy deadlift

Victor Alvarez, commercial fitness specialist, has a degree in exercise and sports science with an emphasis on athletic performance, as well as an ISSA personal training certification. He has played football for 14 years, including four years at the collegiate level.  

Football player in a game

Jack Hibberts, product engineer, has competed in three powerlifting meets and is gearing up for his fourth one in April 2023. 

Jack powerlifting in a USAPL meet

Terry Jackson is probably the world’s fittest IT manager. He has competed in Olympic weightlifting; studied exercise science at Kent State; is a certified personal trainer with NPTI and NSCA; is a USAW Level 2 coach, a CrossFit L1 coach, a CrossFit football coach, a CrossFit endurance coach; and played American football for seven years and played in the rugby union for six. For more than a decade, Terry worked as a full-time personal trainer, CrossFit coach, and running USAW clubs. 

Olympic weightlifter with weight overhead

Benjamin Hicks,
product specialist, competed in and coached Olympic weightlifting for seven and 10 years, respectively. Now that he’s a master’s athlete, he’s getting back into training and will be returning to the platform soon.  

Lifter doing Olympic weightlifting

Keenen Peck-Valdivia, product manager, began competing in Olympic weightlifting in 2014 and coaching it in 2015. He is certified as a Level 1 and Level 2 coach and worked as the director of an Olympic weightlifting club that organized meets. He has experience as a coach/personal trainer with a weightlifting focus. 

Olympic weightlifter at a competition

Alex Slack, customer fitness specialist, spent the better part of a decade as a personal trainer, nutrition coach, and group fitness instructor. He has his NASM certification, among others, and is a Precision Nutrition Certified nutrition coach. He also taught group fitness classes at Equinox. 

Coach doing pull-ups

Alyssa Spaw, customer service representative, has her BS in exercise science and a master’s degree in sport administration. 

Aimee Heckel, content manager, has earned a deadlift world record, one national record, and 18 Colorado state records in powerlifting, as well as nine world records in Grip Sport. She also recently earned her pro card as a figure bodybuilder.

Aimee Heckel powerlifting

Adam Brandt,
affiliate and brand relations manager, was a quarter finalist in CrossFit, competes in many local CrossFit competitions, and is a CrossFit coach. 

CrossFit athlete doing weighted rope exercises

Anthony Munoz, product analyst, competes in CrossFit and qualified for the quarter finals three times. He has a bachelor's degree in exercise science; another bachelor's in health and wellness promotion; and a master's degree in sport administration. He’s an ACSM certified personal trainer and is CrossFit Level 2 certified.  

CrossFit athlete lifting weights

Phenix Durham, supply planner, played soccer in college and still coaches it today. 

Soccer coach with her team

Ravel, customer service representative, has been involved in CrossFit for a decade and competes locally. He played soccer from age 5 to 21. And he currently also competes in Ninja Warrior obstacle courses and trains at the Warrior Challenge Arena.  

Ninja warrior obstacle course competitor

Jimmy Huntley, warehouse supervisor, is a competitive powerlifter getting ready for his fourth meet.  

Powerlifter doing heavy squats

Blake Blevins, product engineer, played football at the University of Toledo. Before REP, he trained high-school and collegiate athletes.  

Alex Alberici, in customer service, is a competitive bodybuilder. She does bikini in the NPC.  

Bikini bodybuilder on stage

Malik Odeh, service operations analyst, played competitive Ultimate Frisbee and competed in the Tough Mudder race before switching to powerlifting. 

Matthew Becker, retail specialist, has a degree in exercise science with concentration in strength and conditioning and a minor in nutrition, as well as a master's degree in kinesiology. He played football for seven years (including in college) and competed for four years in track and field in college, throwing shot put, discus, hammer, and javelin. Today, he's a competitive powerlifter -- headed to the WRPF Nationals in Las Vegas this fall. 

Powerlifter doing squats