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Pull Sled
Pull Sled - Default Title
Pull Sled - Default Title




  • Does the Pull Sled have a weight limit?

    We have yet to find the full capacity that you can put onto the sled itself. If anything, the straps and carabiners will have approximately a 700lb pull capacity before wear and tear will start to show.

  • How can I use the Pull Sled?

    Load it with light weight to work on speed and conditioning or load it up with heavy height to build posterior chain muscles. Wear the straps around your shoulders and drag the sled to hit your posterior chain, or grab hold of the straps and walk backward (facing the sled) to target your quads.

  • How can the straps and extension straps be combined and attached to the sled?

    The sled comes with a shorter dual loop strap that can attach to one of two different length extension straps that also attach to the sled. This way, you can have four different pulling lengths.

    The shortest is the dual loop strap straight to the sled.

    Medium length is achieved through the addition of the shorter extension strap between the dual loop and the sled.

    The second longest length requires adding the longer extension strap.

    The longest length comes from adding both extension straps. (This would require an additional carabiner.)