• What is the Underworld?

    The Underworld is made up of all new but second-quality pieces of REP equipment that have minor aesthetic flaws. Although these products may have slight imperfections to their finish or design, they are all unused, functional, and arrive ready to be used in your home or commercial gym.  

  • Will this barbell be exactly like shown on the website?

    The Teton Training Bar will be very similar to what is shown on the website; however, this item falls slightly short of REP’s exceedingly high standards for manufacturing. Still, even these perfectly imperfect picks exceed the standards of most other gym equipment companies’ top-of-the-line products. There will be minor defects or slight inconsistencies, so the product is offered to you at a reduced rate.

  • Can the Underworld equipment be returned or exchanged?

    No. All Underworld products are temporary, clearance items and therefore sales are final.  

  • Will the Underworld equipment fall under warranty?

    Equipment from the Underworld is not covered by warranty.  

  • Can the Underworld equipment be looked at and inspected in the showrooms?

    Underworld items can be shipped for free in the lower 48 states or are available for local pickup. If you live in California or Pennsylvania and the specific item you want is in your local showroom, you're welcome to request to check it out in person before purchasing it. Note: Due to the already reduced price, Underworld gear is not eligible for local pickup discounts or other discount stacking.

  • Can loyalty points be used on and earned on these purchases?

    Yes. You can use and earn loyalty points on these purchases.

  • Can these purchases be picked up?

    Yes, these purchases can be ordered for local pick up if you live near one of REP’s two US showrooms. They are not eligible for a local pickup discount.

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