Get in your plyometric workout without risk of scraping and bruising your shins with the 3-in-1 Soft Plyo Boxes. These versatile, high-quality boxes are built strong with an inner wood core that’s covered in a soft foam cover. The foam helps absorb your impact, whether you miss or make the jump. The thick vinyl is textured to reduce slipping of your feet and to keep the box in position on the floor. The vinyl is heavy-duty enough to handle outdoor workouts, and it is zippered on and easy to clean. The exterior material is also gentle on your floors or turf.

Both REP and Street Parking logos are printed on the boxes. With the internal wooden structure, boxes can handle a capacity of 400lbs. Get three height options in one box, depending on which side you place down. Note the height measurement clearly listed on each side. The boxes come fully assembled in three different sizes: small: 20x18x16” (27lbs); medium: 24x20x16” (34lbs); and large: 30x24x20” (58lbs). Even the biggest box is still not too heavy to move around your garage gym, and with three box sizes in one, it saves a lot of space. 


  • Weight Capacity:
  • Small:
    20x18x16” – 27lbs
  • Medium:
    24x20x16” – 34lbs
  • Large:
    30x24x20 – 58lbs