The Irons and Flat Bench Home Gym Package includes everything you need for a great training program, making it easy to get your home gym started. This package hits all the basic gym necessities, while remaining affordable. Everything in the package is just $1,000 – saving you money over buying each item individually. The Irons and Flat Bench Home Gym Package comes with some of REP’s best-selling equipment: a PR-1100 power rack, a 20kg Sabre Barbell with center knurling, a FB-3000 flat bench, a 175lb Iron Plate Set, and a pair of Spring Clips to hold the plates in place. The iron plate set comes with a set of 45, 25, 10, 5, and 2.5lb plates.

Customize your power rack’s color and continue to build onto it over time. The PR-1100 is a full-featured rack that comes equipped with a multi-grip pull-up bar, numbered uprights to make it easy to adjust attachment height, plastic-lined J-cups, and extended safeties. The Sabre Barbell is a solid, mixed-use barbell with dual knurl markings; medium-depth knurl; a protective zinc coating; and high-performance, ball-bearing, no-rib sleeves for a smooth rotation. Choose the color for your FB-3000, too. This bench meets IPF height standards and has a grippy pad to hold you in position and four legs for stability.