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Basic Barbell
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At only $119.99, the REP Basic Barbell provides a high-quality, entry-level powerlifting barbell at a budget-friendly price. The Basic Barbell weighs 20kg (44.1lbs) and has a 16.9” loadable sleeve. This barbell features zinc coating to reduce rusting and medium-depth knurling to help with your grip without tearing up your hands as much as aggressive knurling. It also has center knurling to help keep the barbell in place on your back during squats. Knurl markings provide visuals for even hand placement on the barbell.

The Basic Barbell features a bushing sleeve construction with a bolt-on design to provide stability during squats, bench, and deadlifts. A bushing design is ideal for powerlifting's slower, strength-focused lifts. The smooth, rib-free sleeves make it easy to slide iron plates on and off the bar. This bar has a static rating of 700lbs, less than some of REP’s other powerlifting barbells, making it ideal for newer lifters. The Basic Barbell is budget-friendly, while it’s still reliable and well-made. It comes with a one-year warranty.


  • Bar Use
  • Weight
    20kg (44.1lbs)
  • Length
  • Loadable Sleeve Length
  • Diameter
  • Bushing/Bearing
  • Sleeves Ribbed
  • Knurl
  • Center Knurl
  • Knurl Markings
  • Shaft Coating
  • Static Rating
  • Tensile Strength
    100 KSI


  • Are your barbells compatible with other branded plates?

    REP’s barbells are designed to work with any standard plates featuring 2” diameter center holes.

  • What is the purpose of knurl markings on a barbell?

    There are two major standards for where to put knurl markings on a barbell: designed by the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) and the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF). The knurl markings themselves allow for athletes to set up properly for the lift they are attempting and provide a visual for even hand placement on the barbell.

  • Which barbell is best suited for me?

    This will depend on the type of training you do and your training goals. The Basic Barbell was designed with entry-level powerlifters in mind, although it’s useful for other lifters who want a standard barbell, too. If you are not sure how to decide on a barbell, email us at and one of our customer service representatives will help match you and your training style with a barbell.

  • Can I use the Basic Barbell for Olympic weightlifting?

    No, this bar is not intended for Olympic lifts. If you want to train clean and jerks or snatches, opt for the Sabre or Gladiator barbells instead.

  • What is the difference between bushing and bearing sleeves?

    Both bushing and bearing sleeves produce sufficient sleeve rotation, but ball or needle bearings allow for a faster, smoother, quieter spin and have a more reliable turnover for maximum loads, which is a better fit for Olympic-style lifts. By comparison, a bushing sleeve (like the Basic Barbell) is more efficient for powerlifting movements, which are slower and more strength focused.

  • How do I take care of my barbell?

    You’ll want to remove dirt or chalk from the knurling with a brush and oil on a microfiber cloth. You also should occasionally remove the external sleeve to oil and fully clean it. Check out the REP Barbell Maintenance Video in the Video Gallery section above for more information.

  • Does the Basic Barbell have a warranty?

    Yes, it comes with a 1-year warranty.