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Lifting Belt
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  • Lifting Belt
  • Lifting Belt
  • Lifting Belt


Support your bracing during heavy lifts with REP’s Lifting Belt. This firm, heavy-duty belt is designed to last – and help you lift safely. It’s made from leather that is vegetable tanned using the power of natural tannins, which makes it soft enough to require no uncomfortable break-in period. The edges are burnished and sealed for superior moisture resistance.

This Lifting Belt features a single-prong buckle that’s easy to quickly put on or adjust for a snug fit. It's 4” wide and 10mm thick with 10 different hole options per belt size. Belts come in small (31-34”), medium (34-38”), large (38-41”), x-large (41-44”), and xx-large (44-47”). The Lifting Belt is stylish, too, with stainless-steel buttons and a steel buckle. It’s even USAPL and USPA compliant for competitive powerlifters.


  • Width
  • Thickness
  • Belt Material
    Vegetable Tanned Leather
  • Button Material
    Stainless Steel
  • Buckle Material


  • How do I pick the right size of belt?

    Measure the size of your waist – the circumference where you want to wear the belt -- while you’re in your workout clothing. Generally, you want to center the belt over your belly button. If your measurements fall in between sizes, go with the smaller option. Belt sizes are as follows: small (31-34”), medium (34-38”), large (38-41”), x-large (41-44”), and xx-large (44-47”).

  • How tight do I need to cinch my belt?

    You don’t need to yank on your belt like a corset. A too-tight belt can actually inhibit your ability to fully expand your torso to create tension. The belt should fit snugly as you brace, but not be overly tight before you brace. The purpose of a lifting belt is to provide a stimulus for you to brace against – internally.