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Matte Kettlebells (kg)
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Target a wide range of muscles and multiple planes of movement with REP’s Matte Kettlebells. These kettlebells range in size from 4kg (9lbs) to 48kg (106lbs). Each iron-cast kettlebell is labeled with both kilograms and pounds, and the handles are color-coded according to the international color standards, so you can easily identify the different sizes.

The Matte Kettlebells are gravity die-cast, a manufacturing technique that results in durable and precise kettlebells with smooth handles and a perfectly flat base. They are coated in a textured, premium, matte coating that holds chalk and provides great grip. Kettlebells are sold individually or in single or double sets.


  • 4KG/9LBS
    WHITE - 30MM
  • 6KG/13LBS
    GREY - 30MM
  • 8KG/18LBS
    PINK - 32MM
  • 10KG/22LBS
    ORANGE - 32MM
  • 12KG/26LBS
    BLUE - 32MM
  • 14KG/31LBS
    BROWN - 32MM
  • 16KG/35LBS
    YELLOW - 33MM
  • 18KG/40LBS
    BROWN - 33MM
  • 20KG/44LBS
    GREY - 38MM
  • 22KG/48LBS
    BLACK - 38MM
  • 24KG/53LBS
    GREEN - 39MM
  • 28KG/62LBS
    ORANGE - 40MM
  • 32KG/70LBS
    RED - 40MM
  • 36KG/80LBS
    WHITE - 40MM
  • 40KG/88LBS
    BLUE - 40MM
  • 44KG/97LBS
    BROWN - 40MM
  • 48KG/106LBS
    BLACK- 40MM


  • What kettlebell weight should I use?

    Our kettlebells range from 4kg (9lbs) to 48kg (106lbs). For ballistic exercises (kettlebell swings, snatches, cleans), we recommend 35lbs (16kg) to 53lbs (24 kg) for men and 18lbs (8kg) to 35lbs (16kg) for women. For static or strength training (presses, deadlifts, Turkish getups) we recommend 18lbs (8kg) to 44lbs (20kg) for men and 13lbs (6kg) to 26lbs (12kg) for women.

  • How many kettlebells do I need?

    You can do many exercises with just one. Get two if you want to add more variety and challenge to your workouts. Having different weights helps you warm up safely, gives you more tools to work with, and lets your home gym grow with you. With two kettlebells of the same weight, you can do double kettlebell swings, squats, lunges, presses, overhead squats, and more.

  • What muscles do kettlebell swings work?

    Kettlebell swings are a full-body exercise. They hit abs, hamstrings, hips, quads, glutes, lats, pecs, and shoulders.

  • What's the difference between Matte Kettlebells and the regular kettlebells?

    Purely cosmetic. The regular kettlebell has a simplified logo with a shinier black finish, while the finish on the Matte Kettlebells is matte black.