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Filler Bags Included
Sandbags - Black / Small
Sandbags - Black / Medium
Sandbags - Black / Large
Sandbags - Black / X-Large
Sandbags - Army Green / Small
Sandbags - Army Green / Medium
Sandbags - Army Green / Large
Sandbags - Army Green / X-Large
Sandbags - Blue / Small
Sandbags - Blue / Medium
Sandbags - Camo / Small
Sandbags - Camo / Medium
Sandbags - Camo / Large
Sandbags - Camo / X-Large
Sandbags - Pink / Small
Sandbags - Pink / Medium
Sandbags - Red / Small
Sandbags - Red / Medium
Sandbags - Red / Large
Sandbags - Red / X-Large
Sandbags - Tan / Small
Sandbags - Tan / Medium
Sandbags - Tan / Large
Sandbags - Tan / X-Large
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REP Fitness sandbags are ideal for Strongman, functional training, and odd-object challenges. The durable bags are made from thick nylon (1000D Cordura) that’s cross-stitched with triple-stitched seams and metal grommets. The filler bags feature industrial hook-and-loop closures to prevent leaks. Sandbags come in four sizes: small (5-25lbs, depending on how much sand you put into the filler bags), medium (25-75lbs), large (50-125lbs), and XL (125-200lbs).

The sandbags have seven different built-on handles that are reinforced by rivets and machine-stitched. While heavy-duty, the handles remain soft to prevent chafing, scraping, and uncomfortable contact with the skin. REP’s sandbags are water-resistant, quick-drying, and come in seven colors. Every detail on these sandbags is built for a tough workout. And when the work is done, sandbags don’t take up much space, starting at 20” long for a small bag up to 36” for the XL you don’t have to compromise your workout or your space.


  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra Large


  • What’s included with a sandbag?

    Sand is not included.

    • Small: Sandbag shell + one medium filler bag
    • Medium: Sandbag shell + one medium and one large filler bag
    • Large: Sandbag shell + three large filler bags
    • Extra Large: Sandbag shell + four large filler bags
  • How much sand should you put in a sandbag?

    The ideal working weight range for sandbags is 70 to 80% of the max capacity. Do not fill filler bags beyond 3/4 full. Doing so will increase the chance of bursting.

  • Can you use sandbags without filler bags?

    No. Sandbags are not designed to be slammed, dragged, or filled directly with sand without filler bags.