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Slam Balls
Slam Balls - 5lb
Slam Balls - 5lb
Slam Balls - 10lb
Slam Balls - 15lb
Slam Balls - 20lb
Slam Balls - 25lb
Slam Balls - 30lb
Slam Balls - 35lb
Slam Balls - 40lb
Slam Balls - 45lb
Slam Balls - 50lb
Slam Balls - 60lb
Slam Balls - 70lb
  • Kneeling twist with a Slam Ball
  • Slamming the Slam Ball
  • Exercising with a Slam Ball
  • Exercising with a Slam Ball
  • Slamming a Slam Ball
  • Push-ups with 1 hand on a Slam Ball
  • Squatting with a Slam Ball
  • Preparing to slam the Slam Ball
  • Throwing a Slam Ball
  • Russian Twist with a Slam Ball
  • Sit-ups with a Slam Ball
  • Slam Balls on a rack




  • What size of slam ball should I use?

    This depends on your strength and ability level, but generally we see women using the 10lb to 25lb range and men using the 20lb to 40lb range. Kids and beginners do great with a 10lb slam ball.

  • What’s the difference between a slam ball and a medicine ball?

    Slam balls are made from thick rubber, filled with sand, and have an air valve that releases pressure to prevent bursting. They are meant to be slammed thousands of times without breaking and generally have a soft, shifting feel. Medicine balls are typically handmade using stitching and a variety of external shells, like leather or synthetic materials. They are designed for training dynamic movements such as throwing, not slamming.

  • Do the slam balls have a warranty?

    REP Slam Balls come with a full, one-year warranty for home use and six months for commercial use. Like a tire on a car, slam balls are a consumable good and will occasionally need to be replaced. Use slam balls on a smooth, debris-free surface to ensure a long life span.