6 Adjustable Benches for 6 Types of Lifters

Author: Aimee Heckel  Published: 5/19/2022

With Rep’s six adjustable benches, it can feel overwhelming to know how to pick the right one.

Each bench is different, with various combos of width, weight capacity, pad angles, and more. Benches range from lightweight (70lbs) to sturdier (125lbs); from 7-gauge steel to 14; and from $269.99 to $599.99.

But you don’t need to get in a shopping workout before getting in your actual workout. Here’s a quick guide to navigate Rep’s adjustable benches (that’s what the “AB” in the name stands for): AB-3000, AB-3100, AB-4100, AB-5000, AB-5100, and AB-5200.

Note: All of Rep’s adjustable benches feature:

  • a grippy, textured vinyl pad that is slip-resistant, durable, and easy to clean
  • flat and incline options
  • precise manufacturing with state-of-the-art robotics

If you are new to lifting ...

Try AB-3100. This bench is the most affordable and the lightest weight, while still featuring six incline back pad adjustments and three seat angle options. It has a lower weight capacity (700lbs) than most other benches and doesn’t offer a decline position — but it’s still incredibly sturdy.

  • 14 to 4-gauge steel frame with grooved rubber feet
  • Ladder-style design allows for easy and secure angle adjustment
  • Three legs instead of four leaves more space on the floor for feet when bench pressing

Shop the AB-3100 Starting at $269.99

If you’re an advanced lifter (or want to lift like one) …

Go big with AB-5000. This is a sturdy bench, with a weight capacity of a half a ton. It converts into flat, incline, and decline, with seven different back pad adjustments and five seat options. Plus, this unique bench is the first on the market with zero gap in any position between the seat and back pad. Opt for the optional wide pad and seat to account for a broader frame, more shoulder support, and the ability to mimic a floor press.

  • Slide seat forward and backward to eliminate the gap between the seat and back pad
  • Optional leg attachment allows for decline variations
  • Easy to move with urethane grip handle and wheels
  • Anodized aluminum pop-in and bearing system makes angle adjustments easy and secure

Shop the AB-5000 Starting at $599.99

If you have limited space … 

AB-4100 is the most compact bench, taking up a mere 7.2SQFT of working space. Plus, it’s lightweight (85lbs) and easy to move, with a built-in upright storage post with rubber coating for extra stability and to protect the floor.

  • Features 7 back positions (0 to 85 degrees) and 3 seat positions (0, 10, and 20 degrees)
  • The closed ladder design prevents you from lifting the ladder out when adjusting your AB-4100
  • The AB-4100 was designed to meet IPF Height Standards for the athlete looking to stay consistent with training tools

Shop the AB-4100 Starting at $399.99

If you want versatility …

Want to hit multiple angles? AB-3000 offers flat, incline, and decline options. The back pad has seven adjustments, from 85 degrees upright to a -13 decline, and the seat pad also has five angle options. For decline, just swing the leg roller out from underneath the seat to secure your feet.

  • Adjust the angle instantly and effortlessly by moving the bench into the desired ladder rung. Bonus: The chrome steel won’t chip and flake over time
  • The vinyl cushion is textured and grippy so you won’t slide out of position
  • Heavy-duty bolts, 7- and 14-gauge steel, and a weight capacity of half a ton

Shop the AB-3000 Starting at $319.99

Or for even more options, AB-5100 has an optional leg roller attachment that affixes to the other end of the bench, by the back pad. This allows even more decline variations, down to -75 degrees.

  • Heavy-duty, with 11-gauge steel frame, high-end finishes, wheel guards, thick vinyl, and more
  • Unique anodized aluminum pop-in and bearing system makes angle adjustments easy and secure
  • Urethane grip handle and wheels make it easy to maneuver
  • Textured vinyl pad is slip-resistant, easy to clean, and durable

Shop the AB-5100 Starting at $499.99

If you are a competitive lifter …

You’ll want a bench with three posts: two by your head and one by your feet, so you don’t have to worry about the feet of the bench getting in the way of your own feet when you’re setting up. The best comp-style bench is AB-4100, which not only has three posts, but also was specifically designed to meet IPF height standards.

  • At only 85lbs this bench is lightweight and easy to maneuver
  • The AB-4100 includes a built-in upright storage post with rubber coating to protect your floors and add extra stability
  • The upgraded aesthetics of this bench means no compromises have to be made, especially with our launch of limited-edition colors

Shop the AB-4100 Starting at $399.99

If you’re a large lifter …

Even the tallest athlete can stay in position on the long AB-5200. The total pad length for this bench is 55.25”, with the back pad alone hitting 42”. Support your head and shoulders whether you're lying down or seated upright. A wide pad (14” at its widest point, compared with 12”) is compatible with this bench. Bonus: If you want a spotter platform, this is the only bench with that option.

  • The AB-5200 includes a built-in upright storage post that was designed for tight vertical storage, only taking up 2.5SQFT of space
  • The closed ladder design on both the seat and back keeps the ladder securely in place when adjusting
  • This bench has seven back pad angles( 0, 15, 30, 45, 60, 75, 85 degrees) and three seat pad adjustments (0, 15, 30 degrees)

Shop the AB-5200 Starting at $499.99